Snowshoe cat: characteristics and photos

Snowshoe: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Fruit of the cross between the Siamese and the American Shorthairs, we find...

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" Fruit of the cross between the Siamese and the American Shorthairs, we find a breed whose appearance is beautiful and elegant. We are talking about the Snowshoe cat, which, as their name suggests, seems to have snowy paws. Those little white socks, blue eyes, and inverted V-shaped ears are the most notable features of this breed. Want to know more about these wonderful kittens? So keep reading and discover in PlanèteAnimal all about the Snowshoe cat breed, its characteristics, its care and its temperament."


  • America
  • United States

FIFe Rating

  • Category III

Physical Characteristics

  • Thick Tail
  • Big ears
  • Strong


  • Average

Average Weight

  • 3-5

Life expectancy

  • 15-18


  • Active
  • Extrovert
  • Affectionate
  • Smart
  • Curious


  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Short

Origin of the Snowshoe

Snowshoes are one of the newest feline breeds, as their origin dates back around 50 years. Thus, at the end of the 1960s, an American breeder called Dorothy Hinds-Draugherty crossed the Siamese with short-haired cats, thus obtaining offspring with this very particular pattern on their coat. It should be noted that it is unknown how this woman managed to maintain the colors and the distribution of shapes on her coat. She also kept the color scheme based on a darker color on the face, tail and ear areas.

A few years later, the Snowshoe breed was officially recognized by the FIFE, in 1974. It didn't take much longer to be formalized by European organizations such as the WCF, which recognized it resumed as a breed in 1984, only 10 years later.

Snowshoe Features

Halfway between a Siamese and an American Shorthair, Snowshoe kittens display a series of characteristics inherited from these two precursor breeds. The Snowshoe inherits the Siamese's appearance of an unmistakable and penetrating blue, in addition to a stylized and long body, with a face of the same triangular shape. He inherits the muscles and small white paws of the American Shorthair.

Snowshoes are medium-sized cats that usually weigh between 3 and 5 kilos and, as is common, females are a little lighter than males. Its body is athletic and proportionate, ending in a tail that is wider at the base than at the tip, which is rounded. The legs are relatively wide and end in rounded and always white feet, contrasting with the rest of the leg.

" Her neck is straight, with a graceful and elegant appearance. The Snowshoe&39;s face is triangular with a firm chin, with an inverted white V patch. His eyes are icy blue, like those of the Siamese, oval and large."

The coat of Snowshoe cats is dense and short with a satiny appearance. The most accepted colors are solid points and tabby points, which must have markings defined and consistent with the color of the body. Its white legs and V-shaped ears are really the two characteristic aspects of the Snowshoe breed.

Snowshoe Care

The Snowshoe has a short coat, so weekly brushing will be sufficient.

As for Snowshoe care in general, you should pay attention to cleaning its teeth and mouth. it is advisable to always use products designed for this purpose. You will also need to take care of his ears as often as your veterinarian advises based on your cat's specific needs.

You must also provide him with a he althy and balanced diet that covers all his energy and nutritional needs.At the same time, you will ensure that he gets daily and regular exercise, keeping him at an optimal weight. For this, it will be essential to provide adequate environmental enrichment, with various scrapers, toys and intelligence games. Likewise, you will devote part of the day to playing with him.

Snowshoe character

The Snowshoes are very calm and serene, they are all in a good mood, inheriting the good character and docility of the American Shorthair. Coexistence with children and other pets is excellent, making it an ideal candidate for families and for sharing a home with other animals, whether cats or other species.

With the children of the house, they are very patient and playful, enjoying long hours of play and cuddles, because they are very affectionate and love being paid attention to.

Due to the character of the Snowshoe, we must keep in mind that this breed has inherited the particular and constant meowing of the Siamese. You will therefore have to get used to intense meows, where the Snowshoe generally expresses (more than other cats) its wishes through repetitive meows.

Snowshoe He alth

Given the good practices that have been developed when breeding Snowshoes, they do not have serious congenital diseases or diseases common in the breed.

Even then, you will need to heed all recommendations from your trusted veterinarian, performing regular checkups and reviews, while keeping your cat wormed and properly vaccinated, performing oral and level cleanings. ears.

Snowshoe pictures

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