Egyptian Mau Cat: Characteristics and Photos

Egyptian Mau: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. We find in the Egyptian Mau one of the most elegant cats that...

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" We find in the Egyptian Mau one of the most elegant cats that exist. Its history is united with the dynasty of the pharaohs, a great empire that knew how to appreciate the feline figure as that of an almost divine being. The word mau is Egyptian and means cat, i.e. the Egyptian cat. In the ancient Egyptian civilization, cats were revered figures and were protected as sacred animals. Killing one of these animals was punishable by death."

Many hieroglyphs have been dedicated to the created breed which was selected and developed by the Egyptians themselves in order to give shape to feline beauty.Their ancestors go back more than 4000 years, one could almost say that they are the oldest breed of cats. It was Princess Natalia Troubetzkoi who, in the 1950s, introduced the Egyptian Mau to Rome, a cat that received a wonderful welcome for its beauty and history. We can currently find wild specimens living near the Nile.


  • Africa
  • Egypt

FIFe Rating

  • Category III

Physical Characteristics

  • Thin tail
  • Strong


  • Average

Average Weight

  • 3-5

Life expectancy

  • 15-18


  • Smart
  • Curious
  • Calm
  • Shy
  • Solitaire


  • Hot

Physical characteristic of the Egyptian Mau

At first glance, we notice the Egyptian Mau's dark colored spots that stand out thanks to the light background of its coat. These are rounded, defined spots that populate all of his fur. The body of the Egyptian Mau is reminiscent of that of the Abyssinian cat but it is still more elongated, muscular and of medium height. We have found a genetic characteristic specific to the Egyptian Mau: its hind legs are longer than the front legs. Their paws are small and delicate and require extra care, which we will analyze below.

Finally, note that the Egyptian Mau has large slanted eyes that curve slightly upwards. Eye color may vary between light green and amber.

Egyptian Mau Behavior

The Egyptian Mau is a very independent cat, although it depends on each cat. However, he is a wonderful cat to have at home because he adapts perfectly to living together and when he trusts you, he is a loving cat. Although independent in character, the Egyptian Mau is a possessive animal that will love attention, toys and plenty of food.

He finds it difficult to form relationships with strangers with whom he will be reserved (maybe even ignore them). Nevertheless, certain aspects of his character can make him want to be stroked and cuddled. You have to get him used to meeting and getting to know new people from an early age.

We usually talk about a calm and peaceful cat, although we should be careful if we have other pets at home like hamsters, birds and rabbits because he is an excellent hunter.

Egyptian Mau Care

The Egyptian Mau does not need excessive care, it will be enough to pay attention to its coat and brush it two to three times a week in order to obtain a shiny and silky coat. A good diet will ensure the beauty of his coat.

In addition to caring for his coat, special attention will have to be paid to other aspects: the elimination of chassies, taking him to the vet and trimming his claws.

Egyptian Mau he alth

The he alth of the Egyptian Mau is somewhat fragile, as it does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature too much. That's why inside the house we need to keep the temperature as stable as possible.

Sometimes he may have a tendency to suffer from obesity, he will have to be controlled and exercised regularly.

As we mentioned, this is a more sensitive cat so we need to be careful with medication and anesthesia. It also makes it susceptible to feline asthma, an allergic-like disease that affects the respiratory system.

Egyptian Mau pictures

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