Why does my dog ​​hide his food?

Why does your dog hide his food? And how to prevent your dog from hiding food?

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Hide food, an instinctive behavior for the dog

Hiding food is a way for your dog to ensure that a meal is waiting for him if he is hungry, even if he is fed the same way every day.

This behavior comes to them from when they still lived in the wild, when they had to hunt for food and couldn't guarantee that a session would end in a meal. Sometimes they hid their food when the hunted prey was so big that it exceeded the capacity of their stomach.

In a "modern" domestic dog, who therefore no longer needs to hunt every day to eat his fill, this behavior can be accentuated if he fears that another dog or the cat in the house house does not come and eat the contents of his bowl for him.It is also accentuated by the abundance of food available to it.

How to prevent your dog from hiding food?

The downside is that your dog is unlikely to go hungry in a home where he gets enough food every day. No worries if he's going to bury his food in the garden (though) but there's also a good chance that all those hidden "meals" will end up in places like sofa cushions and start to rot (and to smell very strong) in the case of fresh foods.

It's difficult to completely suppress this behavior as it can be rooted in your dog's instincts. Nevertheless, we can act on the factors that promote this behavior to limit it as much as possible.

So don't let your dog have access to his food all day long. Give him his daily ration in the form of one or two meals a day and remove his bowl, whether he has finished it or not, after 15 to 20 minutes.

If your dog feels threatened by having to share his eating space with other animals or does not react well to having to eat in a noisy room full of family activity, prefer to feed him in a quiet place where he will have the opportunity to have his meal alone.

In a nutshell, establish a diet routine and stick to it. This way, your dog will know what to expect each day and will be more comfortable knowing that his next meal is always assured and that he can enjoy it quietly.

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