Brazilian Terrier Dog: Characteristics and Photos

Brazilian Terrier: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The Brazilian Terrier is a small to medium sized, slender...

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The Brazilian Terrier is a small to medium sized dog that is slender and has a compact but light build. It is the second officially recognized Brazilian dog breed. These dogs are very active, inquisitive and have great hunting instincts, which makes them good watchdogs and hunters, but they are also ideal pets for all guardians who like to exercise and play. with their pets. The Brazilian Terrier is a dog that needs a lot of physical and mental activity and is not recommended for people who live in apartments or have young children.

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  • America
  • Brazil

FCI Nomenclature

  • Group III

Physical Characteristics

  • Proportional


  • Little


  • 35-45

Adult Weight

  • 3-10

Life expectancy

  • 12-14

Recommended physical activity

  • High


  • Smart
  • Active

Ideal for

  • House
  • The hunt
  • The guard

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Short
  • Smooth
  • End

Origin of the Brazilian Terrier

The history of this breed is little known and controversial. Some authors believe that the Brazilian Terrier is the product of the cross between smooth-haired fox terriers brought from Europe to Brazil and local dogs from Brazilian haciendas (official version of the breed standard). Other authors believe that the real ancestor of this dog is the Jack Russell.And, of course, there are those who believe that the Fox Terrier and the Jack Russell were crossed with local dogs from Brazil to give the Brazilian Terrier.

Anyway, the Brazilian Terrier is a very popular dog in Brazil that is used as a companion dog, small hunting dog, and guard dog. Although he is very popular in his native country, he is little known outside of Brazil and is often confused with other terrier breeds.

Physical Characteristics of the Brazilian Terrier

In the male Brazilian terrier, the height at the withers is between 35 and 40 centimeters. In females, it is between 33 and 38 centimeters. According to the FCI standard, the maximum weight is 10 kg

The body of the Brazilian Terrier is well proportioned and has a square structure. That is to say, it is as high as it is long. Despite this, its lines are curved and well defined, unlike the Fox Terrier whose body follows straight lines.

Viewed from above, the Brazilian terrier's head is triangular, with a wide base and well-set ears. The head tapers noticeably from the eyes to the tip of the nose which is moderately large, dark and with broad nostrils. Its muzzle is strong and well defined and is decorated with thin, outstretched lips. His eyes are round, large and prominent. They should be as dark as possible, but not necessarily black. Blue colored dogs have blue-gray eyes, while brown dogs have brown, green or blue eyes. The ears of the Brazilian terrier are triangular and end in a point. They are laterally inserted and semi-erect, their tips drooping until they almost cover the outer angle of the eye.

The tail is of low insertion and its end does not reach lower than the hock. The dog can carry it high, but never rolled up on the back. Unfortunately, the perverse habit of tail docking is common, and although the breed standard accepts dogs with full tails, it also allows mutilated dogs.

" The hair of these dogs is short, fine and smooth, but not limp. Its coat is so dense and tight that its skin is not visible. The breed standard alludes to this characteristic stating that the hair of the Brazilian Terrier is similar to that of rats."

The predominant color is white, but it can have black, brown or blue spots. In addition, some color spots are always present in dogs of this breed:

  • Fire color on the eyes, on both sides of the muzzle, inside the ears and on the edge of the ears.
  • Black, brown or blue spots on forehead and ears.

Brazilian Terrier Character

The Brazilian terrier is a happy, lively, curious, intelligent and very independent dog. This terrier identifies all noises and movements, and is a dog that is always attentive to everything.In addition to being an alert dog, he has a very good temperament and spends a lot of time playing!

Despite their good nature towards their own, these dogs tend to be reserved with strangers and can even become aggressive. It is therefore not necessary to dwell on the socialization of these dogs from an early age.

They also tend to be aggressive with other dogs and other pets, so it's important to socialize them from a young age. It is not advisable to have a Brazilian Terrier if you have other small pets, because his hunting instinct is very strong, which leads him to hunt and kill small animals. However, he can get along with dogs he has grown up with since he was little, provided he has been properly socialized.

Brazilian Terrier Care

The coat of these dogs is short and easy to maintain. Brushing him once or twice a week is usually sufficient, he should only be given a bath when he really needs it.

On the other hand, the Brazilian Terrier has a very strong need to exercise, which can be a difficulty for people who are not very active and calm. In addition to his daily walks, the Brazilian terrier needs intense playtime and fun training to keep him physically and mentally active.

The Brazilian Terrier is a very independent animal and does not need as much companionship as other dogs. Be careful, just because he is independent doesn't mean you can leave him alone for too long because like all bored dogs they tend to become destructive and stressed.

Although small in stature, this dog is not suitable for apartment living unless you have the time to give it long walks and plenty of exercise. Ideally, he should live indoors but have a garden in which he can exercise when he is on his own.

Brazilian Terrier Education

When it comes to training, the Brazilian terrier is a great student if you understand the basics or a total dunce if you use traditional training methods. This dog learns good and bad behavior very easily, and any attempt to control it by force (or by false premises of dominance) is useless. On the other hand, through clicker training or other styles based on positive reinforcement, magnificent results are achieved.

Because they are very active dogs, the Brazilian Terrier can present behavioral problems depending on where they live. The most characteristic are: excessive barking, digging in the garden, destruction of objects and aggression. When he's bored, he tends to be a destructive dog.

These issues, however, are not an obstacle for this dog to be an excellent pet, provided its basic requirements are met.If you give him enough exercise (walks and intense play sessions), his hyperactive nature can be redirected to acceptable activities. Of course, it is not an ideal pet for small children, as it tends to bite in reaction to the mistreatment it receives.

Brazilian Terrier He alth

This is a very he althy breed that is not really prone to genetic diseases. Of course, this quality is not a pass for neglecting your dog. Like any other dog, the Brazilian terrier must receive the corresponding vaccines according to his vaccination schedule and the veterinary care he needs. It will be necessary to carry out veterinary check-ups every 6 months in order to prevent the appearance of any disease.

Brazilian Terrier pictures

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