20 Most Affectionate Dog Breeds

Discover our selection of the 18 most affectionate dog breeds. They are sure to delight the whole family.

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In this case, it is better to be accompanied by a friendly and affectionate dog. Here is our selection of affectionate canine breeds, there are of course many others.

Among the small dogs

1. Beagle

This little dog of English origin was long appreciated for hare and fox hunting in particular. Today, the breed is still present thanks to its behavioral qualities with humans. He is a non-aggressive, intelligent and lively dog, really friendly and affectionate. The beagle loves to play with children and is a tireless playmate.

2. Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is the result of crossing several breeds of the Terrier and Bull type in order to make it (at the time) one of the most efficient dogs for dogfighting and rat-baiting. Other crosses intervened to finally give birth to the animal that we know today. Against all odds, this dog is one of the most affectionate of the canine breed. He is gentle and enjoys cocooning alongside his master.

Lively and playful, he can play for hours with children without any problem.

3. English Bulldog

This very ancient breed was at the time appreciated for its fights against bulls, because of its small size, its incredible strength and its powerful jaw, not to mention its courage in the face of a horned animal with disproportionate dimensions in front of him.

Able to adapt to many situations, the English Bulldog is a dog that respects the human family with which it lives. The English bulldog is a calm and intelligent animal, gifted with tolerance with children. He enjoys snuggling up in his basket and taking long naps.

4. Cavalier King Charles

This is a dog of English origin which was famous when King Charles II of England adopted some specimens. The children love it and vice versa. Calm, affectionate and sociable with strangers and his congeners, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has all the qualities required to be the perfect pet.

5. Havanese

Also named “Havana Silk Dog” because of its silky and fluffy coat, this little dog has it all. Imported to Cuba in the 18th century, the local aristocracy quickly appreciated and adopted it.

It must be said that the Havanese is easy to live with, always in a good mood with a charming air. Very affectionate, he likes to be taken care of and he returns it well to his masters. It is also the ideal companion for children, after having made it clear to the very young that respect for the animal is essential.

6. Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen

Hunting dog from Vendée, the Petit Basset Griffon Vendéen is intelligent and curious. He can be stubborn, he will have to be educated with patience.

7. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Originally a herdsman of cows, ponies and geese, the Corgi shows great intelligence. He is a relatively independent dog who nevertheless appreciates closeness to humans. Communicating with him is easy. He seems to understand everything.

8. Pug

Once used as a companion dog for Chinese emperors, today it is the perfect companion for many families. The Pug is a dog with a gentle and cheerful nature. Even-tempered, he likes to take part in family activities and gets along perfectly with children.

9. Shih Tzu

Like the Pug, this breed has long represented the ideal companion of the imperial family. Today, the Shih Tzu is an affectionate and gentle family dog who loves to cuddle up to his master. Playing with children is one of his favorite activities. In summary, he is a faithful friend full of love, without any aggressiveness. That's what it was originally designed for.

10. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

If for some it physically expresses austerity or even aggressiveness, it is not so.The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a dog that could not be friendlier and gentler. He shows exemplary patience with the children. Very intelligent, he quickly understands what his master expects of him and fits perfectly into the family landscape.

Active or energetic, he controls himself perfectly depending on the situation. He is also very protective of his family and does not hesitate to clearly show his displeasure if he perceives danger from a stranger. Let's not forget that he was a fighting dog for a long time, especially in England.

11. Cocker Spaniel

The Cocker Spaniel is a sociable dog that is always playful. He fits perfectly into family life and play is second nature to him. It is said slightly "pot of glue" and by deduction who finds it difficult to bear loneliness for too long.

Among medium-sized dogs

12. Border Collie

Famous for their sheep herding skills, the Border Collie is a working dog that needs to be active. He is very good at agility and all kinds of exercises, even the most difficult ones.

His intelligence clearly above average, combined with his inexhaustible tone, make this dog an exceptional animal. Endowed with sensitivity and unfailing loy alty, he is demonstrative in his affection and is friendly with all humans who show him some attention.

13. Boxer

The origins of the Boxer appear in Germany in the 19th century. He is appreciated for his qualities as a hunter. He is a dog known for his particularly tender affection with children, whose presence and games he appreciates. Be careful, however, with toddlers: the Boxer is not necessarily aware of its size and strength.He can push them around without bad intentions.

It is also a great life companion for a master who can regularly take care of it.

14. Golden retriever

The Golden Retriever loves to swim. This is understandable when you know its origins as a hunter of game, especially pheasants and ducks. If he overflows with energy, his great intelligence allows him to remain measured with children and to show great patience towards them. His affection for his human family is limitless and above all he likes to please his master.

15. Labrador retriever

If the ancestor of the Labrador Retriever comes from Canada and more precisely from the island of Newfoundland, its origins are English. He was imported for his skills as a swimmer in order to bring back game birds in lakes and ponds in particular.

Everyone knows that he is a very sociable dog, who has no equal in feeling the emotions of others and acting accordingly. This is why he is the most coveted dog to assist disabled and blind people. He gets along well with everyone and his playful nature is infectious.

16. Poodle

Popular as a companion dog, the Poodle was a great hunter of aquatic birds a long time ago. There are 4 varieties of Poodle but all have the same characteristics for the standard, apart from the size.

He is a dog that has become popular thanks to his many assets: friendly, intelligent and affectionate. He enjoys contact with humans and participating in all kinds of activities with his family.

17. Hungarian Pointer

Short-haired or rough-haired, this Hungarian nobility dog is a great sportsman.A feather or coat dog, he is very obedient and extremely gentle with his master. If he is very pleasant to live with, the Hungarian Pointer is not suitable for all families, because of his need to spend his boundless energy.

18. Dalmatian

According to drawings found on the tombs of the pharaohs, the breed already existed at the time of ancient Egypt. The original and unique dress of the Dalmatian makes it inevitable as soon as you see one passing by. Children are attracted to such a dog and that's a good thing since he is an affectionate dog.

Among large dogs

19. Irish Setter

As its name suggests, this dog from Ireland was remarkably good at hunting game birds. Its developed sense of smell allows it to spot scents in the air, unlike other breeds that sniff the ground.The Irish Setter fits perfectly into a human family and proves to be the ideal companion for each of its members, young and old. It will be important to put rules in place to avoid any incident.

Affectionate and always playful, he needs to be busy to flourish. Just as he has energy to spare, he enjoys long walks in nature.

20. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland is a dog that imposes itself by the place it takes. But this working dog is a “good paw”. Neither aggressive nor suspicious, it is a sociable animal. Sweet and loyal, he makes the whole family happy. Loneliness is not what he prefers. A great friend of children, he takes his role of protector seriously.

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