Yorkshire Party - Origin, Characteristics and Care

Parti yorkie or white Yorkshire: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The yorkshire terrier is a dog known all over the world...

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The Yorkshire terrier is a dog known all over the world, but did you know that not all of its specimens are two-tone? The white yorkies, better known as Parti yorkshire, are dogs belonging to the yorkshire terrier breed except that they have a beautiful characteristic tricolor coat, in which the traditional golden and blue-black color is added to the white color, which covers most of their body.

If you already share your life with a Biewer Yorkshire or if you want to adopt one to become part of the family, in this PlanetAnimal file, we tell you, among other things, everything you need to know about the Yorkie Party temperament, care, upbringing and characteristics so you can get the most out of his valuable company Come on, happy reading!


  • America
  • United States

Physical Characteristics

  • End
  • Proportional


  • Toy


  • 15-35

Adult Weight

  • 1-3

Life expectancy

  • 15-20

Recommended physical activity

  • Average


  • Strong
  • Smart
  • Active
  • Affectionate

Ideal for

  • Children
  • Apartment
  • House
  • Elderly people


  • Harness

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Long
  • Smooth

Origin of the Yorkshire Party

There is some controversy as to the origin of the Biewer Yorkshire, since on the one hand there are those who claim that the first specimens come from England, which is the country of origin of the Yorkshire standard, and, on the other hand, those who maintain that the Yorkshire Party was born in the United States and that they did so through a selection process and for purely aesthetic purposes.

" The truth is that the so-called white coloring of these dogs (gold, dark blue and white) is manifested by the activation of a recessive gene, so that if both parents are carriers of this gene, they may have white offspring even though they have the standard color.Therefore, tricolor Yorkies have been around as long as traditional Yorkies, but they weren&39;t always as popular as they are today. In fact, in the past, breeders gave away or even euthanized puppies born with white coloring because they were considered low quality. But that changed when, thanks to pressure from some White Yorkie breeders and fanciers, the American Kennel Club (AKC) conducted an exhaustive genetic study that showed Parti Yorkies to be exactly as pure as standard-colored Yorkies. and, thanks to this, this variant was allowed to be officially registered for the first time in 2000."

Yorkshire Party Features

Party Yorkie is a small-sized dog whose weight usually does not exceed three or four kilograms and whose height at the withers is about 20 centimeters. The most distinctive feature of this breed is undoubtedly its long, shiny coat, which is very smooth, fine and has a pleasant silky texture.On its body, we can observe a dorsal line which is completely straight from nose to tail and which separates the hairs, so that they fall symmetrically on both sides.

The White Yorkie has small, erect, inverted-V-shaped ears covered in shorter hair. His sense of hearing is exceptional and his musculature allows him to direct his two ears individually in order to precisely locate the source of a sound. Its eyes are bright, black and medium in size, giving the parti yorkie an attentive and intelligent expression. The nose is also black in color and is located at the end of a not too long muzzle.

A few years ago it was customary to dock the tails of standard and tricolor Yorkshire puppies. However, this practice is no longer common and, in fact, it is even banned in several countries because it is completely unnecessary, cruel and purely aesthetic. The natural tail of this breed is long, set high, and covered in hair that hangs down in fringes.

The colors of the Yorkshire Party

" As the name suggests, this dog&39;s predominant color is white, combined with the traditional colors of the Yorkshire terrier: tan and dark steel blue. The AKC recognizes this characteristic coat and gives it the name biewer and therefore tricolor born Yorkies are known as Parti Yorkie."

The parti yorkie is sometimes confused with the Biewer yorkshire terrier, another breed with very similar characteristics, which is also tricolor. However, the Biewer terrier has a more stable color pattern in the breed standard, whereas the parti yorkie's coloration and pattern of markings are random.

Character of White Yorkie or Yorkshire Party

Despite its small size, the white yorkshire is a strong, athletic and very courageous dog. Originally, Yorkies were bred to chase away rats and other rodents that snuck into the lowliest homes in England.Over time, the breed became the favorite of high society, who kept them at home as pets, and their hunting skills were no longer appreciated, as they were no longer of interest. Despite this, these dogs retain their determined, cunning and lively character, typical of dogs with a strong hunting instinct.

The Yorkie Party is always alert to what's going on around it and won't hesitate to bark to alert its guardians to strangers or strange happenings. With proper socialization, they are an affable and friendly dog, although they can be somewhat stubborn, so training them sometimes requires patience.

White Yorkie Care (Party Yorkie)

In general, White Yorkies do not require expensive care, but if we want to incorporate a dog of this breed into the family, we must take into account that we must devote time to keeping its coat he althy.Parti Yorkies have virtually no shedding, making them hypoallergenic, ideal for those with sensitivities or allergies. However, their coat is constantly growing and it is easy for them to accumulate dirt, knots and tangles over time. To avoid this, it is advisable to brush the Parti Yorkie fairly frequently using a special brush for dogs with long hairs and to cut them back as it grows so that it does not hinder its movements. and don't bother him. If we have trouble keeping the natural hair of this breed intact, we can choose to cut it ourselves or go to a dog groomer regularly but, unless strictly necessary for he alth reasons, we never have to shave it, because we leave its skin too exposed and remove its main layer of protection against dirt, parasites and temperature changes.

The high energy of the Parti Yorkie makes it necessary for him to do a lot of daily physical exercise, but his adaptability makes him a breed very suitable for a wide range of profiles, so he can be as happy living in the country with a very active person who takes him on mountain trails as living in an apartment in the city, provided you walk him at least three times a day and provide him with sufficient mental stimulation.

Education of the White Yorkie or Party Yorkie

" As with other small breed dogs, one of the main mistakes made by the guardians of Yorkies is to overprotect them because they see them as fragile and delicate dogs, when they are not. . It is important that, from the moment the puppy is born, one gradually begins to socialize the white Yorkie with other people and also with other dogs of different sizes, without fearing that a bigger one will harm him. If we accustom our Yorkie, for example, to climbing in our arms in the presence of any stimulus that we consider potentially dangerous, we could cause him to present, in the future, behavioral problems mainly related to fears or phobias ."

The White Yorkie is an attentive and intelligent dog who needs mental stimulation so as not to get bored or develop stress, so a good idea may be to carry out small daily training sessions with him using positive reinforcement, during which we will teach him more or less complex skills depending on our experience and the predisposition shown by the dog.

Finally, it should be noted that this dog's natural tendency is to run after other animals and to be quite barking and stubborn in certain situations, so training him in these areas will require patience and perseverance from the goalkeeper.

Yorkshire Party He alth

The life expectancy of the Yorkie is very high, often reaching 15 or 16 years, but to ensure a long life it is essential to take into account some of the main he alth problems that white Yorkies generally face and act in time to prevent and treat them.

First of all, being such a small dog, he has a very small jaw where tartar and dental plaque often accumulate. In the long term, this can lead to periodontal disease, premature tooth loss, or serious infections that can even affect other he althy organs, such as the heart.To prevent this, it is advisable to maintain good oral hygiene at all times for your Yorkshire parti yorkie through regular brushing, supplementation, or by occasionally offering natural snacks or recreational bones to help eliminate the plaque. If the problem is already present, a thorough oral cleaning by a veterinarian is the best solution.

Eye problems such as entropion or retinal dysplasia are also relatively common in this small breed, as are certain musculoskeletal conditions, including patellar luxation. Annual check-ups and visits to the vet if we observe any strange behavior or signs of pain are key to addressing these complications in time.

Finally, providing our Yorkie with a balanced and quality diet under the supervision of a veterinary nutritionist is also essential to prevent other common problems in the breed, such as allergies, dermatitis or gastrointestinal pathologies -intestinal, which are all closely related to food.

Where and how to adopt a white yorkie (party yorkie)?

Just because the White Yorkie is a purebred dog doesn't mean you can't find specimens in shelters waiting to find a definitive family. Unfortunately, there are still people who consider the appearance of the parti yorkie variant in a standard Yorkshire terrier litter to be an indicator of poor genetics, so breeders sometimes end up getting rid of the puppies.

Furthermore, the Yorkie is an extremely well-known breed all over the world and very attractive, especially for its toy size. This causes many people to acquire them on a whim or as a gift for other people and end up abandoning them because they cannot take care of them, do not care to educate them or do not have time to adequately meet their needs. For this reason, it is not difficult to find Yorkshire dogs (white and standard), crosses, or dogs with very similar characteristics looking for a home in kennels and shelters.Of course, if you want to adopt, it is very important that you do so responsibly, as further abandonment can have serious consequences for the animal.

Photos of Yorkshire Party or White Yorkshire

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