WHITE'S FROG - Physical appearance, characteristics and photos!

White's tree frog: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. White's tree frog is also known as the tree frog...

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White's Tree Frog is also known as the Kareulian Tree Frog, although its scientific name is Dryopsophus caeruleus, formerly known as Litoria caerulea. It is native to Australia and New Guinea, although it was later introduced to New Zealand and the United States.


  • Oceania
  • Australia

Physical appearance of White's tree frog

White's tree frog is a large specimen that can reach 10 centimeters in length.Its skin color is a striking green, although it can turn brown if the tree frog decides to move on the ground, thus camouflaging itself better with its surroundings. Sometimes she has white spots on her body.

Its belly is whitish in tone and we can appreciate golden eyes crossed by a black horizontal line. Thanks to this tool in his eyes, his night vision is noticeably improving. It has the classic membranes on its legs like any other frog, a factor that allows it to adapt to comfortably climb trees.

In captivity, White's Tree Frog can live up to 16 years, a much longer average than other frog species which generally have much shorter lifespans.


White's tree frog is an extremely docile specimen, which makes it very popular as a pet.However, we must know that it is a protected animal because of the destruction of its habitat, which is why we must never take a wild frog home. It is better to go to approved shelters.

White's tree frog is a nocturnal animal that takes advantage of the darkness to hunt. They can be found in trees near small lakes or in swamps or cool, wet meadows, and can even be found in toilets!

It is during the night that she makes a call to communicate with those around her and other members of her community. The call of this frog as well as its meaning are still currently being studied, because these animals do not always behave this way to attract their partners: they also warn each other of danger, for example.

White's tree frog feeding

It usually feeds on insects and spiders although its diet may include small frogs and even small mammals, an adaptation to all kinds of resources.She uses her tongue and small hands to consume food.

The main predators of White's tree frog are snakes such as cobras, lizards and various birds.

Caring for a White's Tree Frog

This frog is so docile that many people consider it an excellent pet, as it rarely bites. However, it is important to emphasize that we must wash our hands every time we handle it.

As basic elements we must have a terrarium with controlled temperature and humidity and food. If we respect all this, we can enjoy a he althy frog because these animals are very resistant to change.

White's Tree Frog He alth Problems

The main he alth problem that White's tree frogs suffer from is obesity, as they tend to suffer from this problem if they are overfed.Also, not exercising them to search for prey is another factor that aggravates this condition.

Photos of White's Tree Frog

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