Guinea Pig Teddy or US Teddy - Character, Diet and He alth

Guinea Pig Teddy or US Teddy: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Did you know that there is a breed of guinea pig that...

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Did you know there is a breed of guinea pig that looks like a teddy bear? We are talking about Teddy guinea pigs, adorable guinea pigs which, due to the characteristics of their fur and their particular morphology, look like a small teddy bear. They are one of the great novelties in the world of guinea pigs, as their appearance is considerably recent. If you want to know more about the characteristics, character and he alth of teddy guinea pigs, continue reading this article from PlanèteAnimal!


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Origin of the Teddy Guinea Pig

Teddy guinea pigs are one of the late-emerging breeds of guinea pigs. Their origin is due, as with other breeds such as the skinny guinea pig, to a genetic mutation. Although it may seem strange, this is nothing but the natural evolution of the species. This is how the vast majority of races are born.

These mutations can be purely aesthetic or affect the functioning of an organism. In the case of the Teddy, the mutation only affects his fur, so we don't have to worry about him suffering any physical or behavioral alterations.

The exact origin of the breed is not known, neither temporally nor geographically, but it is assumed that it appeared during research in clinical trial laboratories, where they were used as experimental subjects.

Features of the Teddy Guinea Pig

A Teddy Guinea Pig will be small in size compared to other breeds of guinea pigs. They weigh between 700 and 1200 grams and are 23 to 27 centimeters long, which contributes to their cuddly appearance. Also, they have short, lush fur, which is really soft to the touch and makes you want to pet them endlessly.

It is this fur that determines the Teddy subtype, as there is a variety with soft fur and another with coarse fur. The latter are typical of guinea pig shows and competitions. When it comes to colors, both varieties accept a multitude of colors, including white, black, satin, gray, brown, or tan. Unlike other guinea pigs, teddy guinea pigs do not have rosettes on their fur, unlike Abyssinian guinea pigs.

The heads of these guinea pigs are surrounded by a fringe-like fringe of hair, with a Roman nose, so called because it is wide and curved. Their life expectancy varies from 5 to 10 years.

Teddy Guinea Pig Character

Teddy guinea pigs are particularly curious and very playful. These guinea pigs really enjoy the toys we provide them with, especially if we keep changing and introducing new hobbies and objects to their cage. You can buy the toys or try to make them yourself. So you will also feel the satisfaction of providing new entertainment for your guinea pig.

This race is also characterized by being one of those who establish the strongest bonds with their human family, developing a very special relationship with their guardians. It is a sociable animal and, like other guinea pigs, gregarious and thus prefers to live in the company of its congeners, people or even other animals.

Caring for Teddy Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are herbivores, so their diet should be based on plant-based foods.Their diet should consist mainly of fresh vegetables, especially green leafy vegetables, as they tend to be deficient in calcium, which these leaves contain. Special food for guinea pigs and fresh hay should also be provided. Also, make sure your guinea pig has access to clean, fresh water at all times so they can drink whenever they want.

As its coat is short, its maintenance is quite simple and not laborious at all. Weekly brushing of the teddy's coat will be enough to keep it in optimal condition. As for the baths, it is recommended to avoid them, except in cases of strict necessity. If we deem it appropriate, we should not exceed 2 or 3 baths per year. If dirt has accumulated on our guinea pig's fur, we can remove it with a damp cloth.

Teddy Guinea Pig He alth

Teddy guinea pigs have no serious abnormalities.However, they seem to have a tendency to suffer from hearing-related problems. This is why you must regularly check his ears and clean them with specific products to prevent the accumulation of earwax. In this way, we can prevent conditions such as otitis, which are really annoying and painful for our pets.

It's important to know that guinea pigs are unable to produce calcium on their own. It is therefore necessary to provide them with a diet rich in calcium or to supplement it with vitamin preparations for guinea pigs. This is essential to prevent our guinea pigs from suffering from oral diseases due to calcium deficiencies in their organism.

Due to vitamin deficiency, especially vitamin C, guinea pigs can also suffer from scurvy. It is therefore recommended to provide a vitamin complex rich in calcium and vitamin C.

Pictures of Guinea Pig Teddy or US Teddy

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