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Devon rex: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Devon rex cats are magnificent felines who like to spend hours in...

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Devon rex cats are magnificent felines that enjoy spending hours and hours being pampered and playing, being considered cat-dogs who follow their human wherever they go. Their qualities and physical characteristics are known to all lovers of this breed of cats, but did you know that the ancestor of the delicate and slender Devon Rex was a wild cat? Want to know all the details of this breed? Well, keep reading! In this AnimalPlanet page we tell you everything about the devon rex, we mention its characteristics, its temperament, its care and its possible he alth problems.


  • Europe
  • United Kingdom

FIFe Rating

  • Category IV

Physical Characteristics

  • Thin tail
  • Big ears
  • End


  • Little

Average Weight

  • 3-5

Life expectancy

  • 10-15


  • Active
  • Extrovert
  • Affectionate


  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Short

Origin of Devon Rex

" The Devon Rex was born in the 1960s from the crossbreeding of a feral cat named Kirlee, who lived in a colony near a mine in the town of Devon, hence the name of the breed. They were called devon rex because, like the rex rabbits and the cornish rex, they have a curly coat, which also makes them one of the cats considered hypoallergenic."

At first, due to the similarities between their coats, it was thought that Devon Rex and Cornish Rex cats were variants of the same breed, which was ruled out after numerous verifications that the descendants crosses between the two types of cats always had a smooth coat. The researchers were thus able to conclude that they were ultimately two totally different but aesthetically similar cat breeds.

As early as 1972, the American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) established a standard for the Devon Rex breed, although the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) did not do the same until more than 10 years later, in 1983.

Devon Rex Features

The devon rex cat has a slender body and frail appearance, long, slender extremities and an arched back. These features give it a very royal and elegant appearance. These cats are also medium-sized, weighing between 2.5 and 4 kilos, although most specimens weigh around 3 kg.

The devon rex's head is small and triangular, with large almond-shaped eyes in bright and intense colors, which give it a very expressive appearance, and triangular ears which are equally disproportionate to the size of its face . At first glance, as we said, the devon rex cat may look very similar to the Cornish rex, however, when you look closer, you can see that the devon rex is a finer and more elegant cat and that he has different facial features.

The coat of these cats is short and curly or wavy, extremely soft and silky to the touch. As for colors, all their coat tones and patterns are accepted.

Devon rex cat character

Focusing now on the character of the devon rex, it is interesting to note that these cats are extremely affectionate, loving the company of their loved ones. So much so that they like to be able to spend a lot of time with them, playing, being petted or simply sleeping on the laps of their humans.

They are fantastic cats when living with children, other cats or even dogs, as they are very sociable and flexible. Devon rex cats also prefer to live indoors, although they adapt well to different types of housing.

Due to their dependent nature, they're not good at spending too many hours alone, so they're not a good choice if you tend to spend a lot of time outdoors.

How to take care of a devon rex cat?

Devon rex cats are a fairly simple breed.Oddly enough, brushing their coat is not recommended as their hair is quite fragile and brittle, although sporadic brushing is necessary to keep their coat clean and shiny. Therefore, as part of the care of the devon rex, it is recommended to use special gloves to comb them instead of brushing them. They also need regular baths, as their hair is a bit oily, so we have to choose the shampoo we will use for their baths.

It is advisable to give Devon Rex a balanced diet and enough attention and love, as well as frequent cleaning of his ears, which sometimes accumulate too much wax, which can be harmful to the cat. On the other hand, we must not forget to enrich its environment, which will allow us to keep the cat properly stimulated, both physically and mentally.

Devon Rex He alth

Devon rex cats seem to be a fairly he althy and hardy breed, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't monitor vaccination and deworming schedules, both externally and internally.At the same time, it is strongly recommended to carry out regular veterinary checks to assess and review the general he alth of our pet.

Despite the above, it is true that these are cats that tend to suffer from ear infections, which we have already pointed out in the previous section. Also, if they don't get the exercise they need or their diet isn't adequate, they can become overweight or obese.

If we give our cat all the care Devon Rexes need, their life expectancy is 10 to 15 years.

Pictures of Devon rex

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