Have your animals looked after by a pet-sitter: how to do it?

More and more pet owners are choosing to hire a pet sitter. How to find the ideal pet sitter?

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The role of the pet-sitter

The pet-sitter is a professional who takes care of the pet during the absence of its owner. He must therefore feed him, walk him, change his litter, clean the cage, accompany him to the vet if necessary, play with him. In short, the pet-sitter takes care of the animal. It is a paid service and the pet-sitter must therefore meet different obligations. For example, he must hold a professional certification and be insured.

The pet-sitter can offer different services depending on the needs of the pet owner.He can go to the owner's home several times a day to meet the animal's needs, live with the owner during his absence or keep the animal at his own home. Everything is agreed before the owner leaves: meals, activities and even hours of walks.

If the animal tolerates loneliness well and does not like to change its environment, simple visits from the pet-sitter may be sufficient. On the other hand, if the animal needs a presence, day or night, it is preferable that the pet-sitter be present 24 hours a day.

How to find the right pet-sitter?

To find the ideal pet-sitter, you have to go to a specialized platform or application. This allows access to the profiles of these professionals and to consult the opinions left by the owners who have already called on them. This makes it easier to get an idea of their skills and seriousness.

The choice will be made according to the pet-sitter's experience, motivation and location. If the pet-sitter does not live very far away, it will be easier for him to come regularly to the pet owner's home. And in the case where the pet-sitter carries out the guard at his own home, this will avoid a long journey for the animal. So there are only advantages to choosing a pet-sitter near you.

What are the rates for a pet-sitter?

The prices of a pet-sitter are very variable and depend on several criteria. For a small dog, it will be necessary to pay ten euros per day of care. For a larger dog or one considered dangerous, the rates can be doubled or even tripled. For a cat, the rates are similar. For a bird, a rabbit or a rodent, the rates are lower.

The geographical area will also have an impact on the rates applied by the pet-sitter.In Paris and the Paris region, prices are higher than in the rest of France. The rates are generally decreasing, depending on the duration of the absence or the number of animals to keep. It is advisable to look for your pet-sitter well before his absence, especially during holidays or parties, because the number of requests explodes, and, consequently, the prices increase.

Attention, too low prices should alert. They in no way guarantee the seriousness of the pet-sitter, who must be someone you trust.

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