What are the rates for a pet-sitter?

A pet-sitter can keep a dog directly at the master's home or host it at his home. But how much does it cost?

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Two modes of care

When you ask a pet-sitter to take care of your cat, dog, reptile, rodent or birds, two types of care are possible.

In the first case, the pet-sitter can take care of the animal directly at the master's home. He can either live in the accommodation during the absence of the owner of the animal to be kept, or come by several times a day to check that everything is fine and bring everything the animal needs.

In the second case, the pet-sitter takes the animal into his home.

Scalable rates

The prices of a pet-sitter will depend on several criteria.Among these, the type of animal, the number of visits to be made daily, the duration and period of absence, the type of service or the geographical location. For example, pet-sitter prices are lower in the rest of France than in the Paris region.

Depending on the mode of care chosen, the price of care will be different. If the pet-sitter comes to the master's home, it takes about €10 to €25 per day, to which must be added the travel costs, that is to say, the costs that the pet-sitter will spend each day. to go to the master's house. On the other hand, for care at the pet-sitter's home, the price will be a little higher and will depend above all on the animal to be cared for.

For NACs (New Pets) such as rabbits, rodents, turtles or snakes, the rates are very often less than €10/day, regardless of the care method. For dogs, size and breed can affect the price.For a small dog, a pet-sitter can ask for ten euros. For a larger dog, double or even triple may be required. To know: some pet-sitters refuse to take care of dogs classified in category 1 or 2. For a cat, it is also necessary to count ten euros.

In any case, beware when a pet-sitter asks for a very low price. It is best to choose your pet sitter based on the feedback left by owners who have already entrusted their pet. If the pet sitter keeps the animal at home, a home visit is recommended. It allows you to assess in which universe your animal will be welcomed.

The longer the master's absence, the heavier the bill will be. However, some pet-sitters apply decreasing rates. For example, weekly formulas or rates that drop according to the number of daily visits. Ditto, if there are several animals to keep. During the summer or holiday periods, pet-sitters are in high demand and can therefore increase their prices.It is therefore advisable to book your pet-sitter in advance.

Warning: if the animal lacks food or needs to go to the veterinarian, the pet-sitter will pay the costs in advance but the master will have to reimburse him upon his return.

Entrusting your pet to a pet-sitter is an excellent care solution that can be really advantageous financially. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that it is a stranger and that it is therefore necessary to choose someone competent who will take good care of his animal.

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