Electrocution of the dog: how to react?

The dangers of electricity also concern our four-legged friends. They too can be victims of electrical accidents.

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What is electrocution?

Electrization, also sometimes called electric shock, is the passage of an electric current through the body, causing more or less serious injuries in the dog. Electrocution refers to cases of electrification resulting in the death of the animal.

Electricity is most often observed in puppies and young dogs when they chew on electrical cables. However, they can occur in animals of any age, during accidental contact with a faulty electrical cable, for example.

The passage of an electric current through the body can cause burns to the skin and/or underlying tissues as well as more or less significant internal injuries in the path of the electric current.If the heart cells are affected, it can lead to arrhythmia or even cardiac arrest and if it is central nervous system cells, electrification can cause a very serious and very profound syncope.

Dogs that have been electrocuted can sometimes show a delay in the onset of signs, so electrified animals should be carefully monitored within 24 to 36 hours of an electric shock . Thus, if your dog presents symptoms such as signs of pain, in particular at the place of the shock, hypersalivation, breathing difficulties and/or coughing or even a decrease in his appetite, he will have to be examined by a veterinarian as soon as possible

How to react in case of electrification of the dog?

The golden rule in case of electric shock is to avoid putting yourself in danger.

Do not touch your dog, as live current may still be present and will also shock you.Likewise, do not approach your dog if he is in a puddle and be extremely careful if the area he is in is wet, as it also conducts electricity.

If you can do it safely, unplug the wall socket or turn off the power, directly at the source, with the circuit breaker of the place where the accident occurs.

If you cannot shut off the electricity yourself in the event of a high voltage electrical accident, consider contacting emergency services for assistance.

If your dog's jaws are clenched around a wire, it is possible to break your dog's contact with the electrical current using a wooden or plastic stick (like a handle broom) to move him away from the electrical source or away the electrical source from his body. On the other hand, never use a metal or wet object. During this operation, remember to insulate yourself from the ground by climbing on a non-conductive wooden or cardboard object.

Once you can safely approach your dog, check his pulse and breathing. If the heart and breathing have stopped, call your veterinarian immediately for guidance if you are unsure how to perform CPR yourself.

If your dog is breathing, wrap him in a blanket and go immediately to the nearest veterinary office so that he can receive appropriate treatment.

Even if your dog is apparently fine, consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. The consequences of electrification can manifest themselves in the days or hours following the accident.

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