Mini-Rex Rabbit - Origin, Character, Feeding and Behavior

Mini-rex rabbit: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The mini-rex rabbit is a miniature version of the rex rabbit. He shares with...

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The mini-rex rabbit is a miniature version of the rex rabbit. It shares with the latter many characteristics, but also many differences, one of which is of course its smaller size. These small lagomorphs appeared relatively recently, and their appearance conquered very many people. Want to learn more about the mini-rex rabbit? That's good, because in this breed sheet, we present all the characteristics of the mini rex rabbit!


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Origin of the mini-rex rabbit

" This breed of rabbit is the result of a recessive genetic mutation affecting the so-called r gene. This benign mutation affects the characteristics of their fur, which is very soft and of the same length over the entire surface of the body."

Its precursor, the rex rabbit, appeared in the 1920s. However, a few years later, breeders decided to undertake a selective breeding program, aimed at reducing the size of these rabbits.

The first rex mini rabbits weren't very pretty and didn't give the expected results. It wasn't until the 1980s that a breeder in Texas got the first litter of what are now called mini rex rabbits. The breed suddenly became popular in the United States, where it was recognized in 1988.

Characteristics of the mini-rex rabbit

Mini-rex bunnies, as their name suggests, are mini or toy sized bunnies. They never weigh more than 2 kilos, the normal weight being between 1 and 2 kilos. Their life expectancy is about 7 years. If you want to know how long does a rabbit live, read this article How Long Does a Rabbit Live.

The body of this miniature dwarf rabbit is rounded, with well-developed musculature and strong, powerful legs. His head is proportional to his body. Its eyes are of variable color, in harmony with its dress, and its ears are thick, short and straight.

" The fur of the mini-rex is velvety, due to the genetic mutation of the recessive gene r. This soft fur is of equal length all over the rabbit&39;s body. There are a large number and variety of coat colors and patterns, including: black, blue, beaver, bluish gray, chocolate, lilac, brownish gray, dark gray, blue-black, brown with gray, red, light brown , white with red eyes, white with blue eyes You can also see tricolor rex rabbits and Dalmatian rabbits."

Mini rex rabbit character

Like the medium-sized version of the rex, dwarf-rex rabbits are very affectionate, docile and friendly in nature. They love cuddles and attention and are always looking for the attention of their guardians, who they will follow everywhere in their home.

These bunnies are smart and curious and you can try teaching them tricks to exercise their minds. They are very calm rabbits who will only need exercise to exercise themselves.

Caring for a mini-rex rabbit

The mini-rex doesn't need too much dedication, as its coat doesn't need brushing unless it gets tangled. To bathe them, it is recommended to use a damp cloth or towel, making sure they are completely dry.

Although they are small in size, these mini dwarf rabbits will need a cage large enough to move around freely. This cage must always be clean, disinfected, and the litter must be changed frequently.

Our rabbit must always have plenty of water and fresh, clean hay, as these two elements are vital for its he alth. Likewise, we will provide our animal with a good diet, supplemented with vegetables and fruits, especially green leafy vegetables. Read this article on recommended fruits and vegetables for rabbits.

To keep their nails and teeth at a suitable length, we can provide them with logs or special toys that they can gnaw on. As for the nails, we can take them to the vet to have them cut or learn how to do it ourselves and do it at home when we find that they are too long.

Your dwarf rabbit is losing its hair? In this article, we explain everything about rabbit moulting.

Mini-Rex Rabbit He alth

Rex rabbits do not suffer from any major diseases related to their genetics, although they do have some weaknesses, such as sensitive feet.Their feet do not have a sufficiently hard and dense coat to protect their skin, so if the skin is in contact with hard surfaces, such as the bars of a cage for example, for too long, wounds or lesions can appear.

We must be attentive to any alarming signs indicating the existence of alterations, some of which may be sadness, lack of appetite or the appearance of anxious or aggressive behavior.

In addition, we must give him a quality diet, combining foods and vegetables, taking care of his nails, teeth, ears and mouth, going to the vet for regular checks and if necessary, by vaccinating it. In this way we will be able to have a happy and he althy companion who, without a doubt, will brighten our days.

Hypoallergenic mini-rex rabbit

If you have a rabbit allergy, know that the minirex rabbit is a hypoallergenic breed of rabbit ideal for people sensitive to allergies.With its short, silky coat, it produces fewer allergenic proteins, thus reducing the risk of allergy. It's the perfect companion for those who want to enjoy the company of a rabbit without the inconvenience of allergies.

Can a dwarf rabbit get cold?

Yes, these mini bunnies can get cold, just like other animals. Their small size makes them more sensitive to extreme temperatures. It is important to provide them with a suitable environment with an appropriate temperature and a warm shelter to prevent them from suffering from the cold.

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