Can we give leek to the dog?

Leek, like garlic or onion, is a vegetable that should not be given to the dog and here is why...

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Leek, a toxic vegetable for dogs

Leek is a vegetable that belongs to a species similar to onion and garlic, which are known to be very toxic to dogs, cats and even ferrets. Leek is also toxic to these animals and can cause poisoning comparable to that caused by ingesting garlic or onion.

These plants contain sulfur compounds that disrupt the activity of certain enzymes and cause the oxidation of hemoglobin to methemoglobin. However, methemoglobin is no longer capable of fixing the oxygen which precipitates in the red blood cells by forming what are called Heinz bodies.These lead to the deformation as well as the bursting of red blood cells and are the cause of hemolytic anemia.

A dog can therefore become poisoned when he is given large quantities of leeks at once or smaller quantities of the vegetable repeatedly. Also note that leeks are toxic to dogs cooked as raw.

What are the signs of leek poisoning?

The first signs of poisoning usually consist of digestive disturbances which may include vomiting, anorexia and diarrhea. They then progress to signs of anemia such as pallor of the mucous membranes, prostration, increased heart and respiratory rate and above all a brown discoloration of the urine.

Generally, the signs of poisoning appear one to two days after ingesting leek unless large quantities of this vegetable have been consumed by the dog, in which case the time to onset of symptoms is reduced .

What to do if your dog ate leeks?

If you have accidentally fed leeks to your dog or if your dog has stolen food containing them, contact your veterinarian or a veterinary poison control center immediately to find out what to do.

Similarly, if your dog is already showing signs of intoxication, take him without delay to the veterinary practice that follows him or to the veterinary clinic on duty when this happens outside the opening hours of your usual office.

Leek poisoning is generally not fatal, if the quantities ingested are moderate and treatment is implemented very early. However, your pet's body may take several days to eliminate toxins.

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