BLANC DE HOTOT - Origin, Characteristics and Care

Blanc de Hotot: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The Blanc de Hotot rabbit, also known as Blanc de Hotot, is a...

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The Blanc de Hotot rabbit, also known as Blanc de Hotot, is a beautiful little rabbit that is characterized by its immaculate white coat and its few black marks that color the area around its large expressive eyes. But this rabbit is not only exceptional for its appearance, because its character is also strong. The Blanc de hotot is a kind, very calm rabbit who loves the company and attention of the members of his human family with whom he will love to participate in the creation of unforgettable memories.

Want to learn more about this breed of rabbit? At PlanèteAnimal we tell you everything about the characteristics of the Blanc de Hotot, the care it requires and the possible he alth problems it may have. We will also conclude this breed sheet by telling you about the dwarf Hotot, do you know it?


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Origin of the White Hotot rabbit

The Blanc de hotot rabbit is a rabbit of French origin. This rabbit did not come into being on its own, it actually appeared in 1902 thanks to the work of the breeder Eugénie Bernhard. The name of the breed comes from Hotot-en-Auge, the town in Calvados where it was created. It is a rabbit that shares characteristics with the butterfly rabbit, the Flanders giant rabbit and the Viennese white rabbit.

" It didn&39;t take long for the new breed to gain popularity. In just a few years, it was exported to other European countries until it arrived in the United States in 1920.In the United States, the success of the Blanc de Hotot is non-existent, which led it to almost disappear completely and, in Europe, this breed of rabbit, like many other animal breeds, suffered from the Second World War. Nevertheless, the breed rose from its ashes, and in the 60s and 70s regained its lost popularity. Currently, it is recognized by the main cynological organizations, but it is listed as threatened."

Characteristics of the White Hotot rabbit

The Blanc de Hotot rabbit is a small rabbit, the females weigh between 3.6 and 4.5 kilos, while the males, slightly more corpulent, oscillate between 4.1 and 5 kilos. This rabbit has a long life expectancy which oscillates between 12 and 14 years, but the longevity record of a Blanc de Hotot is more than 16 years!

In addition to its very small size, the most distinctive characteristic of the Blanc de Hotot is its coat, which is completely white except for small black bands around its eyes.These bands must measure between 0.16 and 0.32 cm to fulfill the characteristics established by the breed standard. These black bands, which give the impression that the rabbit has made up or is wearing beautiful black glasses, are the characteristic that proves the relationship of this rabbit with the English butterfly rabbit.

Its snow-white fur is medium-sized, always smooth and extremely dense. It has a compact body and, despite its small size, is very muscular, so it is characterized by its thickness and powerful extremities.

Colors of Hotot's white rabbit

The one and only color accepted by the official standard is white, broken only by black bands around its large eyes.

Character of Hotot's White Rabbit

The little Blanc de Hotot rabbits are very funny and grateful. They have a benevolent nature and they are among the most recommended rabbits as pets.In addition to being calm and cuddly, due to their size, they are perfect if you live in apartments.

In addition, this rabbit stands out for its intelligence and its ability to learn. So much so that rabbit experts insist that this is one of the most obedient and easily trained rabbit breeds. You may not be able to get him to do championship-worthy tricks, but you can easily teach him the basic commands and all the hygiene rules he needs to follow.

Caring for a Blanc de Hotot rabbit

You will need to pay special attention to their diet because they are a breed that loves to eat and will easily develop obesity problems. This is why you should always give him a balanced diet adapted to his specific nutritional needs. It must always be taken into account that the diet of the Blanc de Hoto, and that of any other rabbit, is based on the consumption of hay to which fresh fruit and vegetables are added.Discover all the fruits and vegetables that are good for rabbits.

Another important aspect of caring for a Blanc de Hotot is that you have to pay attention to the space they have to rest. Since it is a small breed, its cage does not have to be as spacious as that of other rabbits. However, it must at least measure 61x61cm. It should contain hay, water and a small burrow in which your rabbit can rest. And, like all rabbits, the Blanc de Hotot needs to exercise and explore its environment, so it should never be locked up in its cage 24 hours a day. Ideally, he should have his own bedroom so you can leave the cage open so he can explore the rest of your home in peace.

We explain how to take care of a rabbit!

He alth of the White Hotot rabbit

The he alth of this rabbit is not particularly delicate and there are very few diseases specific to this breed.In concrete terms, the most common he alth problem is malocclusion, a condition that damages oral he alth and therefore seriously affects the general state of he alth of the animal. To solve this problem, you must be attentive to the growth rate of the rabbit's teeth, having them cut by the veterinarian if necessary. At home, you can provide chewing toys so that he can file his teeth on his own.

Another oral disease that affects the Blanc de Hotot is the appearance of abscesses, these must be treated by veterinarians and its symptoms are the appearance of lumps, a decrease or disappearance of appetite and general apathy.

In addition to the he alth issues mentioned, there are many pathogens that threaten rabbits, which is why it is imperative that you vaccinate and deworm them regularly. Veterinarians recommend two vaccines: one against myxomatosis and one against viral hemorrhagic fever.

Adoption of the White Rabbit from Hotot

The Blanc de Hotot rabbit is a moderately common breed around the world, which is why finding a Blanc de Hotot specimen for adoption can become slightly complicated. Nevertheless, even if it can be a complicated task, we recommend that you contact the associations and shelters closest to you to ask them if they do not have a Blanc de Hotot specimen available for adoption.

Of course, before making such an important decision, you must be aware of his needs to ensure that you will be able to cover all his needs. At PlanèteAnimal we are fervent defenders of responsible adoption, which is why we insist on the fact that an adoption represents a commitment to your new pet, never forget, you are and will be responsible. of his happiness, live up to it!

Dwarf Hotot

As its name suggests, the dwarf Hotot is a small breed of rabbit originating from the white Hotot rabbit. He was developed by two different German breeders, the first crossed a dwarf Dutch rex coat with a Blanc de Hotot and the second crossed a dwarf Dutchman to a Dutchman who will breed them until the only marks that remain are the circles around the eyes. These two strains from different breeders were eventually crossed and this gave rise to the dwarf Hotot breed that we know today.

Physical description of the Dwarf Hotot

His fur is compact and soft to the touch. His shoulders are as wide as his hips and his head isn't set as high as the Dutchman's, but it isn't level with the torso either. His adorable ears form a real V above his head and they do not measure more than 7 cm. Like the Blanc de Hotot, it has black bands around the eyes, the width of which should ideally be 4 mm.

For a few years, more precisely, in 2006, the dwarf Hotot with chocolate eye stripes has also been accepted by the ARBA. The other accepted specimen, you will suspect, is of course the dwarf Hotot with black eye stripes.

The dwarf Hotot is a pure pet, indeed, with a weight that fluctuates around 1.3 kg, this breed has no commercial value, and that's good! he is so cute!

Did you know the dwarf Hotot?

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