Top 15 Most Beautiful White Dog Breeds

There are many canine breeds whose coat is white. Discover our selection of the 15 most beautiful breeds of white dogs.

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The maintenance of such a coat is certainly more important, especially when you know the malicious pleasure that most dogs take in getting dirty. But it is definitely worth it for the feast of the eyes. Discover these magnificent dogs, young and old, that we present to you now.

Little dogs

1. Japanese Spitz

His long, straight, splayed white hair and his short, soft, dense undercoat make you want to run your hands through it. The Japanese Spitz is a small (28 to 38 cm) pure white dog with a playful character.

Naturally lively and cunning, he is a pleasant companion very close to his master. His only fault is to bark often (even if it is useful to give the alert), it will be important to educate him well from an early age. Living in an apartment is not a problem for this dog as long as he is walked daily.

Presumed descendant of the great German Spitz introduced in Japan in 1920, the standard still in force was officially recognized by the FCI in 1964.

2. Bichon Frize

Deceptively resembling a stuffed animal, the Bichon Frize is cute. Very small (maximum 30 cm), it is nonetheless a dog, with a cheerful character.

He needs closeness to his master and his caresses to flourish. Although it is by no means a guard dog, it knows how to make its voice heard as soon as a stranger approaches.

This is an animal whose origins are very old. It was introduced in France during the reign of François 1er and it was Henri III who made it famous by posing several times in the company of dogs of this breed on different paintings.

His white hair is fine, silky and corkscrew.

3. M altese

With a pure white coat, the hair of the Bichon M altese is long, straight and silky. When not cut, they fall to the ground. It goes without saying that if you want your dog to maintain this length, daily grooming is necessary.

The M altese Bichon is a small dog (20 to 25 cm) calm and who quickly understands the prohibitions. He prefers softness to firmness. He is a very pleasant life companion who knows how to be patient when he is in a restaurant for example. He can live in town and in an apartment as long as he is allowed to walk regularly in large parks.

The first traces of this breed date back to more than 300 years BC.

4. Poodle

The Poodle is a breed whose standard accepts 4 different sizes: large (45 to 60 cm), medium (35 to 45 cm), dwarf (28 to 35 cm) and toy (24 to 28 cm).And if we often meet this dog whose coat is white, other colors are allowed: black, brown, gray and apricot. It has curly, curly or corded hair, with a woolly undercoat.

The Poodle was employed at the time to hunt ducks, then from the 16th century, he was the companion of the ladies of high society. However, he has retained his pronounced taste for water and long walks in nature. He can live in an apartment and gets along very well with all the members of his family.

Welcoming and affectionate, he is an easy-going dog whose lifespan often exceeds 15 years.

5. Bichon Bolognese

Originally from Italy in the Bologna region, the Bichon Bolognese was one of the favorite dogs of these ladies of the aristocracy at the time.

His pure white hair is long and silky. Stroking it is very pleasant. With a calm temperament, he is a reserved dog but very gentle. Of course, he has his little moments of madness and enjoys being with children.

It can easily be taken anywhere due to its small size (25 to 30 cm). He barks little and turns out to be a sociable animal. The apartment is his favorite place, with one or two walks a day.

6. Havanese

Although the Bichon Havanese's coat can be pure white, it is more frequently sand, fawn, havana brown, black, black and white. With a soft, flat and wavy coat of great length, it requires frequent grooming.

This dog has everything to please: he is lively, curious and intelligent. In addition, very sociable, it is a formidable companion for a master who wishes to take it everywhere with him. Indeed, it easily adapts to environments as long as it is in its presence.

If he likes the countryside, he can also live in the city in an apartment. He remains by his origins a rustic dog who needs to let off steam regularly.But the cozy comfort of the sofa or its basket also suits it very well. He loves the company of adults and children, as well as that of his fellow creatures.

7. Coton de Tulear

The Coton de Tulear is an excellent companion dog whose coat is generally pure white. A few stains are tolerated by the standard insofar as they do not affect the whiteness of the coat. Its dense coat is fluffy, soft and supple.

His playful and lively character is a real pleasure. He also likes to surround himself with children. With a good ability to adapt as long as it accompanies its master, it can follow him anywhere. The apartment suits him very well, with a few daily outings.

Medium-sized dogs

8. Samoyed

Superb, the Samoyed has a full and dense white coat. Her dress can also be sand and white. Of the Spitz type, this Nordic breed is very old and takes its name from the Samoyed tribe in Siberia.

Used at the time to herd reindeer and participate in bear hunting, the Samoyed is a courageous and devoted dog to its master. Very sporty, it is still appreciated today for pulling the sled. It is therefore an active dog with a lot of stamina.

Apartment living is possible if you spend enough every day.

9. White Swiss Shepherd

This breed is distinguished by a pure white double coat, which can be short or medium-long. Medium in size (53 to 66 cm), its origins begin in Germany in the 19th century following a crossbreeding of various farm dogs, ordered by a Prussian cavalry officer, Captain Max Von Stephanitz. The objective was to obtain a "perfect" breed, at least in his eyes, namely an intelligent dog, physically robust and enduring, with a balanced mind and a noble and elegant appearance. The result was satisfactory since the Berger Blanc Suisse is a versatile dog for assisting disabled and blind people, finding victims of avalanches, tracking drugs and explosives with customs and police services.

He is a dog who likes to please his master, and proves to be a good playmate with children. The city and the apartment can be suitable for him if he benefits from long outings and exercises several times a day.

10. Canadian American Eskimo

Also called American Spitz, this dog first finds its origins in Germany. It is a breed that descends directly from the German Spitz whose masters emigrated to the United States during the 19th century. It was mainly used to entertain people with circus attractions. Some others had a natural predisposition to guard their master's farm.

Classified in the category of medium-sized dogs, there are actually 2 others: very small and small. Only the size changes, the physical and mental characteristics remain the same. Its white (or creamy white) fur is dense and long with a thick, soft undercoat.

Here is a good company dog, friendly with humans, big and small, its congeners and other species.

The big dogs

11. The Anatolian Shepherd

Also named Coban Kopegi or Akbas, this large dog (71 to 81 cm) is an athlete who needs lots of exercise. Well proportioned with a broad head, the Anatolian Shepherd has a natural predisposition to guarding.

Such a dog necessarily needs space on a daily basis. Country life suits him perfectly. His white coat is doubled and thick. It does not fear bad weather.

Derived from the crossing of mountain dogs, sheepdogs and even greyhounds, it is the perfect animal to guard and protect herds against wolves. Originally from the mountains of Turkey in Asia, it is naturally very resistant. The notion of a pack is very rooted in him and he is also very intelligent.

12. Afghan Hound

This breed, which is not very present in France, has a long and silky white coat on the head, short and thick on the top of the back. But it can be any other color. Combing it every day is a necessity. Her mask can be black or the same color as her dress. The Afghan Hound a breed so old that it would have embarked on Noah's ark.

Under his air of independent dog, we must not forget that he is a Greyhound, who needs physical and olfactory expenditure.

13. Kuvasz

The Kuvasz is a beautiful dog of Hungarian origin, who wears a thick, wavy white coat with a finer, fluffier undercoat. However, the standard admits the color ivory.

Tall, strong and muscular, it is an animal with harmonious proportions. Tireless at work as a sheepdog then, it is useful today for guarding and for hunting and tracking.

The Kuvasz is really not made for living in an apartment and even in the city. He needs space and to travel many kilometers to flourish and maintain his muscles.

14. Komondor

Walking with a Komondor does not go unnoticed! This large sheepdog (65 to 70 cm) is all the more impressive with its astonishing corded white fleece, 20 to 27 cm long.

At the time a herdsman of sheep in Hungary, he is now rather known for his particular coat. Unfortunately, this breed is not suitable for all people and especially not for an inexperienced master. The space he needs must be large and the apartment is clearly not for him. He loves the outdoors and contact with nature.

15. Dogo Argentino

The coat of the Dogo Argentino is pure white.His short coat is smooth and soft, with no undercoat. He is a high-level athlete and we are not surprised when we know his origins. It was two Argentinian brothers who designed this breed especially for hunting puma, and incidentally wild boar. It is the result of crossing a male Cordoba dog (whose breed has disappeared) with a female Bull Terrier, then a Pyrenean Mastiff as well as other breeds to fine-tune the desired result, namely having no defects. physical and mental to become a formidable dog in combat.

Against all odds, the Dogo Argentino is able to live in an apartment. However, care must be taken to satisfy him with outings and daily exercises for his personal development and his mental balance.

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