It's proven: dogs can cry with joy when they find their owner

Very often, tears are associated with sadness, a rather negative emotion. In dogs, it could be quite different.

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Researchers have shown that, like humans, man's best friend can cry with joy. And this, in a very specific situation: after a long absence from their master.

Reunion with his master

When a dog finds his master, he easily knows how to express his joy: fast tail beats, jumps, licks The dog celebrates his master. But it does not stop there. Researchers have noticed that the dogs produce significant tears after being separated for several hours. If this phenomenon is known in humans, it is the first time that it has been observed in animals.

Japanese scientists from Azabu University are behind this discovery. For this, they subjected eighteen dogs to the Schirmer test. The latter is very simple. Simply place a strip under the eyelid to quantify tear production. After five to seven hours of separation, the amount of tears increased "significantly" within five minutes of the reunion between the dog and its master.

The dog's tears would have an effect on the master

This study has brought to light something else. The dog's tears have an effect on the master. When a baby cries, parents spend more time with him. It's the same for dogs. The Japanese researchers presented ten photos of five dogs, with varying degrees of tears, to seventy-four participants. They then asked them to estimate on a scale of 1 to 5 how much they wanted to take care of the animal.Bet won. Dogs that were shown with eyes full of tears attracted more people. Japanese scientists have a simple explanation. The more moist the dog's eyes, the more the man produces oxytocin, the hormone of love and happiness. And that, the dog feels it.

The domestication of the dog has changed its behavior and communication skills. Eye contact plays an extremely important role in the relationship between dog and owner. Over time, man's best friend has developed a particular muscle: that of the inner eyebrow. It is the latter that gives him the air of a puppy but also triggers the nurturing act of his master. By activating his eyebrow, the dog could be better fed.

Proud of their study, researchers from Azabu University do not intend to stop there. They now want to know if dogs also produce more tears when they find other four-legged friends.But one thing is certain: the dog cries of joy only for his master. This phenomenon has not been observed during reunions with other humans.

No need to worry so if a dog cries all the time, he may just be happy to find his master!

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