6 things not to do to your dog during the summer heat

Discover the 6 common mistakes your dog should not make during the summer heat.

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Leave him alone in the car

The car can be a real danger to your dog. In normal times, but even more so in hot weather, a dog should not be left alone in your car, even if it is parked in the shade or with the windows ajar. Indeed, the temperature inside the cabin can rise very quickly and your dog can suffer from fatal heat stroke after just a few minutes.

Cool it too fast

If to better withstand the summer heat, you need to cool your dog, there are still some things not to do.When you go to wet your dog to bring down his body temperature, preferably only wet his paws and belly. If the hair on his back is wet, it can cause reflection of the sun's rays and be counterproductive. Likewise, do not use water that is too cold so as not to cause thermal shock.

Also watch out for swimming! Your dog can run two risks: hydrocution and a risk of poisoning and/or torsion-dilatation of the stomach if he swallows too much water. You must therefore wet your dog before he goes swimming, avoid swimming in a pool containing chlorine as well as in stagnant bodies of water where blue algae can proliferate. After each swim, take the time to rinse your dog with fresh water to avoid irritation due to s alt and watch your dog's ears to limit the appearance of ear infections.

Make him try hard

Nobody wants to do physical effort in the heat. The same is true for dogs. With intense activity, your dog could suffer from heat stroke. To avoid this, it is preferable to make him take his walks “in the cool”, early in the morning or at the beginning of the evening, and by favoring shaded areas. Be careful, because even if it is hot, outings are still mandatory. You just have to adjust the hours. Of course, avoid sports that require intense or prolonged physical effort in the event of a heat wave.

Don't make him drink

In order for your dog not to be dehydrated, he must drink plenty of water. Depriving your dog of water could be very dangerous for his he alth. You must always have something to drink at hand. It can be a water bottle, a bowl or a water fountain. The main thing is that your dog can drink enough, especially on the hottest days.You can also feed him watermelon if your dog has trouble drinking.

Don't think about his fragile legs

Your dog has fragile pads that need to be taken care of. In contact with bitumen or hot sand, its legs can be subject to burns. It's up to you to test the ground temperature with your hand or foot. If it seems too high, watch out for your dog and walk him on the grass instead or equip him with dog shoes.

Do not protect it from the sun

Also consider equipping your car with a sun visor. Your dog can also be burned by the sun's rays during a car trip. If your vehicle is equipped with it, put the air conditioning on when you travel and avoid, if possible, taking the road in the middle of the afternoon, where the sun heats up the most.

If you take your dog to the beach, equip yourself with a parasol with a fabric that filters UV rays.Also remember to protect his nose with sunscreen for dogs and do not mow your dog for the summer. Its coat also has the function of protecting it from the sun's rays.

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