16 ideal dog breeds for apartment living

What are the best dog breeds for apartment living? Discover our complete list to help you choose well.

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Which dogs can live in an apartment?

It might surprise you, but any dog, from Saint Bernards to Chihuahuas, can adapt to living in an apartment if all their needs are respected and met.

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Indeed, "apartment life" should not mean for a dog "life without going out, without stimulation or expenses" . Typically, we often tend to confuse: "life in an apartment" with "life sleeping all day on a sofa" , which is not quite the same thing and which, let's be clear, does not suit no dogs!

If a dog lives in an apartment but is sufficiently spent mentally and physically, he will be as well balanced and "well in his hair" as a dog living in a house in the country or in the suburbs with a garden.

Conversely, a dog who lives in a house but never goes out anywhere other than in his garden will have every chance of being unhappy and eventually developing behavioral problems related to lack of energy and stimulation.

You will therefore have understood: a dog who lives in an apartment, whatever its breed, will not be more unhappy than a dog who lives in a house. What matters above all is that its owner takes the time to take it out daily, to make it meet other dogs in dedicated parks, to make it smell as many smells as possible by taking it for a walk around the neighborhood, to occupy it in his absence etc.

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But, for many of us, living in an apartment also means living in a smaller space than in a house so that, for purely practical reasons, it is easier to choose a small dog from so-called pleasure or companion breeds, which will be more suited to life in an apartment than so-called utility dogs, which will need more space on a daily basis.

These companion dogs are also less demanding in terms of physical expenditure than dogs selected for work. This does not mean that they are breeds of dogs that will be able to stay alone all day indoors without suffering from it, it simply means that they have expenditure needs, not non-existent, but moderate and more compatible with a life in an urban environment in a more restricted space such as an apartment.

16 dog breeds suitable for apartment life

    The French Bulldog
  1. The Bichon Frize
  2. The Chihuahua
  3. The Cavalier King Charles
  4. The Poodle
  5. The Chinese Crested Dog
  6. The Pug
  7. The Bichon Bolognese
  8. The Pekingese
  9. The Lhasa Apso
  10. The Bichon M altese
  11. Coton de Tulear
  12. The Shih Tzu
  13. The Boston Terrier
  14. The Havanese
  15. The Japanese Spaniel

1. The French Bulldog

With its flattened muzzle, the French Bulldog is not known to be the tallest of sportsmen and the most enduring of dogs. It can therefore adapt very well to a life in an urban environment. Its compact size and moderate need for activity makes it a good candidate for apartment living.

The French Bulldog is also an affectionate little dog with a strong attachment to his master who enjoys playing as much as nap sessions on a sofa.

Photo credit: Allan_Glanfield| iStockphoto

2. The Bichon Frize

Even in adulthood, the Bichon Frize remains a very small dog that does not require a lot of space to live. Full of energy, these little furballs love to play and still need their daily exercise quota.

Bichon Frize has the particularity of losing very little hair, which makes them excellent companions for people living in tight spaces or for people with allergies.

Photo credit: Lisa_Nagorskaya | iStockphoto

3. The Chihuahua

Known for its small size, the Chihuahua also makes an excellent apartment dog. Lively and with a sometimes strong character, this "mini dog" will adapt very well to life in an apartment if he is well spent on daily walks and if play sessions are offered to him regularly.

A vigilant alert dog, the Chihuahua can however tend to easy barking at the risk of disturbing the neighbors.

Photo credit: Phanuwat Yoksiri | iStockphoto

4. The Cavalier King Charles

Affectionate, gentle and endowed with a rather calm temperament, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an adorable companion dog selected for this purpose for several centuries. He can therefore perfectly adapt to living in an apartment alongside a loving family.

Photo credit: fotyma | iStockphoto

5. The Poodle

Large, medium, dwarf or toy, the poodle is a lively, alert and intelligent dog who will be happy in the city and in an apartment if its owners offer it long daily walks.

Another significant advantage: he loses very little of his curly coat, so much so that he is often called a "hypoallergenic dog" .

Photo credit: Rasulovs | iStockphoto

6. Chinese Crested Dog

His moderate need for activity combined with his small size and low amount of hair make the Chinese Crested the perfect apartment companion.

Photo credit: Veresovich | iStockphoto

7. The Pug

Recognizable by their flattened muzzle, pugs are playful, intelligent pets that adapt well to all situations.

The Pug will therefore get used to life in an apartment perfectly. Not being a great sportsman, he will be able to content himself with daily walks in the neighborhood to exercise himself.

Photo credit: Alexandr Zhenzhirov | iStockphoto

8. The Bichon Bolognese

Soft and calm by nature, the Bichon Bolognese is perfectly suited to living in an apartment. Small in size and light, it is a companion that can accompany you everywhere and knows how to be discreet despite an always cheerful and joyful character.

Photo credit: sssss1gmel | iStockphoto

9. The Pekingese

Pekingese Spaniels are charming little companions who develop a close bond with their masters. Fairly sedentary most of the time, Pekingese have only modest exercise needs and therefore adapt quite well to city and apartment living.

Photo credit: Andrey Babeshkin | iStpckphoto

10. The Lhasa Apso

A companion dog with a calm and balanced temperament, the Lhasa Apso is a small Tibetan dog whose abundant fur requires fairly extensive maintenance.

Just as comfortable in the city as in the countryside, the Lhasa Apso will therefore be able to live in an apartment provided, as for all dogs, that he is offered daily walks.

Photo credit: Serhii Moiseiev | iStockphoto

11. The Bichon M altese

The M altese has been a popular little companion dog for 2,000 years. Shedding very little, intelligent, calm and thoughtful, they are de facto little dogs very well suited to living in an apartment.

Photo credit: baloon111 | iStockphoto

12. The Coton de Tulear

Happy, sociable, intelligent and small, the Coton de Tulear ticks all the boxes for the perfect little companion dog! Whether he lives in an apartment or a house, the Coton is happy everywhere if his owner offers him long walks every day, which he asks for.

Photo credit: cynoclub | iStockphoto

13. The Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu has been selected to become the excellent companion dog. Affectionate, calm and sociable, the Shih Tzu adapts to any environment. If he particularly likes to laze on the sofa at his leisure, he is nonetheless an active dog who also likes to play and walk on a daily basis.

Photo credit: Susanguestphoto | iStockphoto

14. The Boston Terrier

Sociable, gentle and balanced, the Boston Terrier is an ideal life companion who can still show the go-getter and stubborn side specific to terrier dogs. Adapted to living in an apartment due to its small size, it will need long walks every day to channel its great energy.

Photo credit: Cols3 | iStockphoto

15. The Havanese

The Bichon Havanese is a small dog who will be happy both in an apartment and in a house, both in the city and in the countryside. He knows how to adapt to everything!

If he likes his comfort and moments of relaxation in his basket or on the sofa, he also appreciates walks and opportunities to let off steam outside.

Photo credit: Dorottya_Mathe | iStockphoto

16. The Japanese Spaniel

His small size, friendliness and moderate need for exercise make the Japanese Spaniel the ideal companion for apartment dwellers with a more sedentary lifestyle.

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