AMERICAN CURL CAT - Origin, characteristics and photos!

American curl: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The american curl cat is distinguished by its ears and, although it...

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The American Curl cat is distinctive for its ears and although it is a relatively new breed, it is extremely popular in its home country of the United States, but not so much in Europe or other continents. With its ears curling outward and its soft appearance, the American Curl is an affectionate and sociable cat that loves the company of its family. You want to know more ? Discover in this PlanèteAnimal sheet everything about the American curl cat, its characteristics, its care or even its he alth!


  • Europe
  • United States

FIFe Rating

  • Category II

Physical Characteristics

  • Thick Tail
  • Big ears
  • Strong


  • Average

Average Weight

  • 5-6

Life expectancy

  • 15-18


  • Affectionate
  • Calm


  • Cold

Hair type

  • Long

Origin of American Curl

A very recent appearance, the American curl cat developed in California in the 80s, because it was in 1981 that a couple of breeders found a kitten with curved ears and decided to adopt it. In the first litter they had, two other specimens with these characteristic ears were born, one short-haired and the other long-haired.

This new breed and its particular ears were all the rage and many breeders and amateurs were interested in obtaining American curl specimens. Due to this fame and the rapid expansion of the breed, it did not take long to be recognized by official bodies: in 1991 the FCA officially recognized it, and a little later the standards of the breed were published by FIFE in 2002.

Characteristics of the american curl

American curl cats are medium sized, weighing between 3 and 5 kilograms, with females being a bit smaller than males.The height at the withers is between 45 and 50 cm in males and between 40 and 45 cm in females. The body of this feline is elongated and quite muscular, with rectangular silhouettes. The head of these cats is wedge-shaped, longer than wide, with a rounded muzzle and a firm chin. The eyes are large and rounded, with a color that is usually yellow or green, although depending on the pattern of the coat, others such as blue may be seen.

This brings us to the most striking and distinctive feature of American Curl cats: their ears. These are very curious, because they are curved, with a more or less pronounced arch that can be between 90 and 180 degrees. A curiosity is that when these cats are born, their ears are erect and curl during the first week of their life. In addition, this curvature will not be final until the animal reaches the age of 5 months.

The breed's coat can be of varying lengths, though overall it is fine and shiny.We find the long-haired cat and the short-haired cat, but both have in common very varied patterns and colors, because all are accepted except chocolate or cinnamon, of which they present all possible shades.

American curl character

Cats of this breed are very affectionate and calm. They like to live with humans and other animals, so it's perfect if we have other pets. However, they must always be properly socialized. This cat is also ideal in the case of families with children, since they are funny cats but at the same time patient and not nervous. We can prepare shared games or let the children invent them, so that both have fun before and during these moments of play. They easily adapt to different environments, whether apartments or houses with a garden. They are also intelligent and quite curious, taking an interest in new and unusual situations.

How to take care of the american curl?

As American Curls have a semi-long coat, it will be necessary to brush the cat at least once or twice a week, in order to avoid knots, the accumulation of dirt and to detect any parasite or anomaly. If we get used to it from its kitten stage, we can bathe our cat every one or two months, however, we must remember that cats clean themselves, so in principle it is not a necessary procedure.

Due to the curious shape of their ears, we will have to pay particular attention to their maintenance, since they usually accumulate more dirt, which is why it is recommended to clean them regularly using products from veterinary use which one can acquire in any veterinary clinic or hospital.

To conclude, we will highlight the importance of choosing the best cat food for your American Curl, either by following the advice of our veterinarian or by looking for quality food on the market.Likewise, we can also consult a specialist on the possibility of making homemade recipes, raw or cooked, always following the recommendations of the veterinarian.

American Curl He alth

American curls are generally he althy and robust, however, it should be noted that being a relatively new breed, possible congenital diseases may not yet have been detected, because until present, they have not been recorded. As mentioned, the American Curl can have semi-long hairs, and it is in these cases that the dangerous hairballs or trichobezoars can occur, which can trigger a series of negative consequences for the he alth of our feline. To avoid them, we recommend regular brushing or the use of products such as m alt or paraffin oil.

It is also necessary to visit the veterinarian regularly, at least every 12 months, to ensure the good state of he alth of our cat, while respecting the animal's vaccination schedule and regularly administering dewormers.Thanks to all this, we will be able to detect and improve the prognosis of the different he alth problems that can occur in our felines.

Pictures of American curl

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