Going on vacation with your dog: 5 tips for a successful vacation

To fully enjoy a successful stay, here are 5 tips for having a good holiday with your dog!

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Thinking about your he alth

Because you are never safe from a medical problem during the holidays, it is essential to check that the dog is in good he alth and that his vaccination record is up to date before leaving . Countries belonging to the European Union require that a dog be vaccinated against rabies in order to enter the territory. Some countries also impose a quarantine period.

To avoid disappointment on arrival, it is very important to inquire several weeks before departure. A first aid kit with compresses, bandages and a tick remover must be prepared and slipped into the suitcases.To be sure not to forget anything, it may also be wise to take stock with your veterinarian. This visit will also be an opportunity to take stock of its pest control treatments, which may need to be adapted depending on your destination.

Notify the owner of the premises

For a stay at the campsite, at the hotel or in a rental, it is essential to inform the owner of the premises that a dog will be part of the stay at the time of booking. Some refuse the presence of pets, others will ask for a supplement for the care of the animal.

At the campsite or at the hotel, you may be asked to keep the dog on a leash, especially in the common areas. Some outdoor accommodations require up-to-date rabies vaccination.

Find out about places accessible to animals

Certain public places may be strictly forbidden to dogs: restaurants, museums, the beach, some tourist sites To avoid having to leave the dog alone all day and to avoid damage that it could cause if he does not tolerate loneliness well, it is better to find out beforehand about the places that accept animals or not.

Going on vacation with your dog also means thinking about the activities where he will be welcome. It is also necessary to respect the obligations: sometimes the dog will be admitted but it must be kept on a leash.

Prepare the dog's suitcase

The dog must also have its own suitcase. For the holidays to be successful, you must not forget the essentials: your collar, a leash, bowls and croquettes for meals, your favorite toys, your blanket or your basket, your he alth record

We must provide everything necessary for the comfort of the dog. Some equipment is mandatory for a stay in the mountains, for example. Others, such as sunscreen or a cooling jacket, may be essential for enjoying the sea without risking sunburn and heat.

Keep your habits

For a successful vacation, it can be important to maintain the dog's habits.Indeed, some dogs find it difficult to tolerate change. For these animals in particular, it is therefore necessary to try to keep the usual rhythm as much as possible: time for meals and walks, moments of relaxation and games

Even if he is in a place he does not know, a dog who keeps his routine will be less stressed and will also enjoy his vacation. Also pay attention to the dog's diet. A change of food can cause digestive problems, not always very pleasant at the time of the holidays!

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