How to effectively clean your dog's basket?

To eliminate all the parasites, the traces of mud, the insects, it is necessary to carry out a weekly cleaning of the basket.

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Therefore he spends a lot of time there. The only problem is that over time the basket gets dirty. And a dirty basket represents a nest of bacteria. It is therefore important to know how to clean your dog's bed.

How often to wash your dog's bed?

To eliminate all parasites, traces of mud, insects, the basket must be cleaned weekly. However, if the basket is soiled following a walk or an accident, it must be cleaned immediately. Thorough cleaning prevents the appearance of bad smells, the proliferation of bacteria and therefore the development of diseases, harmful both for the animal and for its owner.The basket is where the dog sleeps, so it must be clean and he althy.

The method with a removable basket

The first thing to do with a removable basket is to separate the different parts of it. Each part of the basket, the cover and the foam, must be washed separately. Most baskets are equipped with velcro or a zipper which allows easy access to the foam.

When the two parts that make up the basket are separated, you must start by removing all the hair on the cover. This step can be done using a vacuum cleaner or a special roller. One trick is to use masking tape. It is a relatively long technique but works quite well to remove all the hair.

Once the hairs are gone, you have to tackle the stains. If the cover goes in the washing machine, it's perfect. Just follow the washing instructions.Avoid adding fabric softener as dogs may be allergic to it. If it is impossible to put the cover in the washing machine, you must first disinfect it with specific products (suitable for dogs) then put it in the washing machine at very low temperature.

Cleaning foam is a bit more complex. Again, if it can be machine washed, do not hesitate. You must use a disinfectant detergent and a cycle at 30° C. To keep the foam in its volume, there is a trick which consists of putting three tennis balls in the drum. When it is not possible to put the foam in the washing machine, cleaning by hand must be carried out. This should be soaked in hot water containing hypoallergenic detergent.

You have to rub the foam with your hands and don't use a brush, at the risk of damaging the foam. It remains only to rinse the foam with warm water and dry it in a dry place.The use of the dryer is not recommended because it may damage or even deform the foam.

The method with a non-removable basket

If the basket does not come off, washing is more complicated but must still be done. In some cases, it is possible to put it in the washing machine, on a cycle at 30° C. However, the drying time will be much longer. It will therefore be necessary to provide another bed during this period.

If the basket does not go in the washing machine, you have to find another solution: hand washing. Hot water kills all bacteria. The use of a disinfectant is possible and even recommended, but it must be specially designed for non-washable textiles. This product will also have the advantage of dissipating bad odors. Just spray it once a week on the dog's bed and let it air dry. This step should be repeated weekly.

Cleaning accessories

If the dog bed has blankets, they should also be washed regularly. You must first remove all the hair, then treat the stains, in order to put them in the washing machine. If this is not possible, the cover should be soaked in hot water to say goodbye to bacteria. To remove stains, proceed in the same way as for the cover.

Eliminate bad smells

Baking soda is very useful for cleaning the house. It is a powerful antibacterial. But it is also an excellent deodorant. This natural product can therefore be used to eliminate the bad odors that emerge from the dog's basket. You have to make a mixture of baking soda and water and spray it on the basket and on all the textiles that smell bad.

Combined with vinegar, baking soda helps remove the smell of urine. This mixture should be quickly sprinkled on the soiled surface. Otherwise, the smell will soak in and it will be more difficult to eliminate.

A clean animal in a clean basket

Washing your dog's basket is very important, but you shouldn't forget to wash your pet either. The dog's hair can be soaked in mud or dust and become soiled by pollution or allergens. There really isn't a rule when it comes to the frequency of grooming. It all depends on the breed of the dog, its lifestyle and the length of its hair. If they are long, monthly grooming is recommended. To do this, it is essential to use a shampoo adapted to the coat of the animal. Some are designed for sensitive skin, for black or white hair, for short or long hair

Cleaning your dog's basket is essential to prevent the development of bacteria and bad smells. Several instructions must be followed to find a clean and stain-free basket!

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