9 tips for cleaning your dog's kennel

If there is one rule to respect for the maintenance of your animal's doghouse, it's regularity. Here are all our tips.

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The kennel must therefore be clean and comfortable so that the dog feels good there and to avoid bad smells or the appearance of parasites. Here are 9 tips for cleaning your dog's kennel.

Regular maintenance

If there is one rule to follow for the maintenance of your animal's doghouse, it's regularity. Indeed, you should not wait until the niche is dirty to clean it. Regular maintenance, i.e. at least once a month, is necessary. In fall and winter, the frequency can increase to weekly, due to humidity and rain. A kennel that is not cleaned regularly can be a source of bad odors or illnesses for the animal.And to do it right, you have to clean the inside but also the outside of the niche.

A few steps before cleaning

Cleaning the kennel must start with picking up the animal's droppings if there is any inside. Although this task is not very pleasant, it is essential because excrement contains many bacteria that can transmit diseases. It is advisable to use a poop shovel. When all droppings are removed, remove all other debris from within the doghouse, including dust. The best is to use a broom (which will only be used for the doghouse) because a vacuum cleaner risks damaging the doghouse. With a removable roof, it's even easier.

Interior cleaning

Once the kennel is cleared of all dirt, interior cleaning can be done. It is done with water and mild soap.Scrub the floor of the kennel with a sponge or a hard-bristle brush, then rinse well with plenty of water to remove all traces of soap. The inside of the hutch must be completely dry before the animal can be accommodated again. The mild soap can be replaced by another cleaning product, as long as it is not toxic to animals. Everything must be cleaned: the door, the window, the hinges, the latches

Exterior cleaning

The inside of the doghouse must be impeccable, but the cleanliness of the outside also matters. But this time, cleaning is easier. It can be done very simply with the water jet from the garden hose. Deep cleaning will be done once a year, preferably in the spring.

Adapted equipment

The maintenance of the niche must be carried out with suitable equipment. It is imperative to wear gloves that cover the hands and wrists, such as gardening gloves.It is essential to protect yourself both from diseases, parasites such as ticks or fleas that may be present inside the doghouse, but also from splinters on the wooden doghouses.

Essential disinfection

Allowing your animal to take shelter or take refuge in a clean niche is important. But we must not forget that the niche should not pose a danger to the dog. And to limit the risks, disinfection of the shelter is necessary. You must use an antiparasitic to avoid a possible proliferation of ticks or fleas. Disinfection also makes it possible to eliminate all the microbial agents, often vectors of diseases, which are located in the dog's kennel. Crésyl is a powerful disinfectant which can be used to clean the walls of the dog house, the floor and the ceiling. Just dilute it in boiling water.

Cleaning accessories

Cleaning the accessories installed in the niche is essential and should not be forgotten.If the doghouse contains cushions, toys, bowls, a blanket, everything must be cleaned. Indeed, these accessories can lead to the proliferation of bacteria or parasites but also be responsible for bad odors. If they can be machine washed, that is ideal. When the accessories are too damaged, it is better to part with them and buy new ones.

The choice of niche

When choosing a kennel for your dog, you have to think about maintenance. If this task is experienced as a chore, it will not be performed as often as necessary. And to make this easier, it is recommended to opt for a niche with a removable roof. The choice of material is also important: PVC is easier to clean but it is less insulating. Wood is preferred because it provides the animal with more comfort and is more resistant to bad weather. The quality of the niche is essential because it must be possible to apply powerful products such as disinfectants and pest control without damaging it.

The case of an interior niche

Some owners choose to install a niche for their dog inside their home. It should also be cleaned and disinfected. However, maintenance can be carried out less frequently since the niche is not exposed to bad weather and external aggressions. As with a model installed outdoors, the indoor doghouse should be adapted to the size of the animal, neither too big nor too small. Cushions and toys may be there, but they too must be cleaned on a regular basis.

Many parasites come to take up residence in an animal's kennel. This is why regular maintenance is essential. Disinfection, carried out with suitable products, is also important. Having a clean kennel and toys is part of animal welfare.

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