7 activities to do with your dog during the holidays

During the rest of the year, moments of games and activities are rarer. So, what to do with your dog during the holidays?

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Indeed, during the rest of the year, although they exist, moments of complicity, games and activities, are rarer. So, what to do with your dog during the holidays?

Some precautions to take

During the summer holidays, activities are practiced more outdoors. The sun, the beach, the sea or the countryside make you want to take full advantage of this well-deserved rest time. If it is a very good idea to share moments with your dog, you still have to take into account the season and the age of the animal.

Whatever the activity, it is essential to have water and a bowl.In case of high heat, the dog can quickly become dehydrated, so you must have the necessary equipment on hand to make him drink. Some dog breeds are less tolerant of high heat. This is the case for dogs with dark coats and dogs with a flattened face.

Furthermore, it is better to avoid too much physical activity if the dog is old, has minor he alth problems or is growing. The goal is to have fun and have a good time between master and animal. In any case, do not force your dog to practice any activity or go swimming if he does not want to.

For water games, it is important to constantly keep an eye on your animal. The risk of drowning is high and it only takes a few seconds of inattention to lose sight of your dog.


Paddleboarding is a trendy activity that has attracted more and more holidaymakers over the years.Why not practice it with your dog? If he loves water and knows how to swim, that's perfect. The master, standing on his board, walks his dog who can thus enjoy the water and the landscape. To do this activity safely, the dog must be equipped with a buoyancy vest.


In the same spirit as the paddle, the canoe is intended for masters who go on vacation by the sea. It is also a great way to strengthen the bond between the dog and his master. This time again, the dog will have to wear a buoyancy vest, essential if the boat overturns.


For masters who have a good level in surfing, they can take their dog with them on the board. For this activity too, it is a matter of trust between the master and his animal.

If the dog is a little stressed about this idea, it may be wise to start with paddle because the board is bigger. The buoyancy vest is needed again. It will allow the dog to easily return to the board after a strong wave.

Water games

For less sporty masters, simple games in the water are possible. It is enough, for example, to throw a ball in the water and wait for the dog to bring it back. If he doesn't like water, try to encourage him to go there by throwing the object on the edge. Gradually, the animal will get used to it and it will enjoy this simple little game. In addition, it will be a very good way for him to cool off. However, if the master must be careful of splashes, he must also watch that his dog does not drink from the cup.


Cani-MTB is an activity that can be practiced throughout the year. But, often time is lacking. It is therefore necessary to take advantage of the holidays to get started. With this activity, the master discovers his vacation spot while riding his bike and sharing a moment of complicity with his animal. Regarding the equipment for the dog, a specific harness is essential.The collar is to be banned because it risks injuring or even strangling the animal.


Those who prefer walking to cycling have the opportunity to practice canicross during their holidays. The principle is the same, the dog tows its master on a course that includes different obstacles. This activity is rather physical but you just have to adapt it to make it a fun and bonding moment. Here again, the traction harness is required.


The hike works on the same principle as cani-cross but, this time, there are no obstacles on the course. This activity remains physical, but it is always possible to adapt it to your level and pace. The dog must wear a pulling harness to perform this activity safely. And for those who love water or who spend their holidays by the sea or near a lake, water hiking exists! For beginners, the easiest way is to start with a stream.

For masters looking to do activities with their pet during the holidays, all these activities are possible. They have the advantage of requiring very little equipment and above all, of being able to be adapted according to the age and state of he alth of the dog.

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