5 tips to maintain the beauty of your dog's hair

A few actions allow the dog to regain the beauty of his hair. Here are 5 tips to maintain the beauty of your dog's coat.

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Regular brushing

It is important to take care of your dog's coat so that it keeps its beauty. For this, the first step is to perform regular brushing. This moment has several uses: it eliminates dead hair, removes all foreign bodies, airs the hair, massages the dog and stimulates blood circulation. If the dog has long hair, brushing is essential to remove all the knots. Two brushes should be used: a brush with a metal rod to detangle all the hairs and a horsehair brush to add volume to the coat. With regular brushing, the dog's coat is more beautiful and more toned.This step also allows you to inspect your dog carefully and identify any skin problems or the presence of parasites.

Take baths

To have hairy skin, a dog needs to be bathed. The frequency depends on the activities of the dog. If he lives outdoors, bathing does not need to be done regularly. On the other hand, if the animal lives in the city, it will have to take a bath several times a year. Indeed, in urban areas, the dog's hair tends to get dirty more quickly. The bath helps to eliminate impurities as well as pollution present on the dog's hair. For this to go well, the dog must be accustomed to the bath from an early age.

There is no need to take regular baths because the sebum, naturally secreted, provides natural protection for the dog's skin. To carry out the baths, you must buy a shampoo adapted to your dog from the veterinarian or from a pet store.A treatment shampoo should only be used occasionally in the event of skin problems. The shampoo must be properly rinsed out to avoid skin irritation. A towel will dry the dog. To prevent slips that could injure the dog, a non-slip mat will be installed at the bottom of the shower or bathtub.

Prevent pests

To maintain the beauty of your dog's hair, you must prevent the appearance of parasites. These are very harmful to the dog's skin because they can cause red patches, irritations or pimples, not to mention their ability to transmit vector-borne diseases to the dog. By dint of scratching, the dog makes his hair fall out. To avoid all these inconveniences, it is important to carry out a preventive treatment against external and internal parasites, several times a year. After each walk outdoors and especially in the forest, the dog's coat must be inspected carefully to detect the presence of ticks or fleas and act quickly.

Perform appropriate care

Dogs, especially certain breeds, may require more thorough grooming. Do not hesitate to take your dog to a grooming salon several times a year. Professionals are used to it and have the necessary equipment to take care of the dog's coat, to avoid certain infections or skin diseases, but also to clean certain more sensitive parts of the body such as the ears.

The veterinarian can also provide valuable advice to maintain the beauty of his dog's hair. Certain diseases can be responsible for skin conditions. With an appropriate treatment, the dog will regain the shine of his coat.

Watch your diet

If direct actions on your dog's coat are beneficial, so are indirect actions. A good diet contributes to a beautiful coat.The food should be balanced rich in vitamins and amino acids. It is then advisable to buy quality croquettes, rather at the veterinarian than in a pet store. They contain all the nutrients dogs need to be he althy and enjoy a silky coat.

Rich in omega 3, cold sea fish oil or salmon oil also improve the quality of the dog's coat. To take advantage of its benefits, add a little to your dog's food bowl.

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