6 ways to show love to your dog

Dogs know how to show their masters their love. But how can the master return these marks of affection?

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But how can the master return these marks of affection and show the love he has for his dog?

Use language

" Various studies carried out using MRI have shown that, even if they do not speak, dogs understand human language. Do not hesitate to talk to your animal. Dogs enjoy being the center of attention and pay attention to the meaning of words. For this impression to be reinforced, intonation is important. Dogs love high tones that are perceived as positive, especially when accompanied by the words walk, food or play.Talking to your dog to show him your love therefore seems an excellent solution."

Spending time with your dog

Dogs like to spend time with their master because it strengthens their bond. If they feel abandoned they will experience sadness and this can end up making them literally depressed. To show his dog that he loves him, the master must therefore give him privileged moments: moments of indoor and outdoor play, daily walks, fun activities. Showing his love to his dog is quite simply spend time with him.

Give tender gestures

As with humans, most dogs appreciate tender gestures and physical contact. You should not restrict yourself to showing affection, especially caresses and hugs. Most dogs enjoy petting behind the ears because it soothes them and releases oxytocin, the hormone of love and attachment.

Using facial expressions

Dogs pay close attention to facial expressions because they convey human emotions. If the dog notices that his master often raises his eyebrows, especially the one on the left, and that he accompanies this gesture with a smile, he will know that he loves him. You must also look your dog in the eyes to show him your love, but be careful not to stare at him insistently, because the dog could take this attitude for a sign of aggression.

Take care of your dog

To prove your love to your dog, you just need to take good care of him. This involves providing him with excellent hygiene, giving him quality food, taking him for walks, taking him to the vet, buying him toys, giving him treats (but not too many to avoid the risk of obesity) All these little attentions are everyday proofs of love. The dog will thus be happy alongside his master.

Listening to him

To be sure that your dog understands these signs of love, you have to observe it carefully. As he cannot speak, he will use his body to make himself understood. If the dog has a straight look and a happy wagging tail, no doubt he is happy! On the other hand, if the dog has a shifty gaze, a folded tail or if he is licking his chops, he is worried and has not understood the signs of affection from his master.

These 6 ways to show love to your dog are very different but all work. Some are long term while others, such as caresses, are more punctual. The master must spend time with his dog to strengthen the bond and create moments of sharing.

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