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Taking out insurance for your dog is absolutely not mandatory. However, it is strongly recommended.

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Cover he alth costs

For an animal, all costs related to medical examinations and care are very expensive. Insuring your dog covers some or all of these expenses necessary for the good he alth of the animal.

Visits to the veterinarian represent a significant cost and it starts from the acquisition of the dog with the vaccination costs. Then comes sterilization or castration. A dog should visit the vet at least once a year. This visit makes it possible to check that he is in good he alth.

When the dog is sick, visits to the vet multiply and have a real impact on the owners' budget. Especially since these professionals apply the rates of their choice, which can range from simple to triple. With dog insurance, these costs are reduced.

The latter notably covers medication, hospitalization costs, examinations and consultations with the veterinarian. Finally, if the insurance contract provides for it, the expenses incurred by the burial or euthanasia of the dog can be reimbursed.

With he alth insurance, the budget for he alth costs is no longer a concern. Contributions pay for themselves very quickly.

Improving animal he alth

A mutual dog insurance thus extends the life of your pet and ensures a he althier life for as long as possible. Indeed, the masters guarantee their dog access to care while controlling their budget. Thanks to the insurance, they can offer their pet care that it might not have had access to due to a lack of budget.

The insurance covers the animal in case of accident or illness. Some companies even go so far as to reimburse consultations with specialists as well as costs related to alternative and natural medicines such as osteopathy or homeopathy.

Most insurance offers a prevention package. This is a sum of money that can be used to buy anti-parasitic products, to contribute to the cost of vaccinations, to finance care products aimed at improving the he alth of the dog such as shampoos or lotions, food

Dealing with the unexpected

As with humans, an animal's life is full of unexpected events, especially when it comes to he alth. An accident or illness may require hospitalization costs or urgent examinations such as x-rays or ultrasounds. And the bill can quickly climb.

With animal insurance, part of these costs may be covered. Especially since all dogs are not equal when it comes to risks. Some breeds are more prone to he alth issues than others.

A simple blood test can cost around a hundred euros, while radiotherapy or rehabilitation sessions cost thousands of euros.Animal he alth insurance allows you to be reimbursed quickly for these costs. Simply return the care sheet to obtain reimbursement. With insurance, masters no longer have to pay all veterinary fees. However, each company sets an annual reimbursement ceiling.

Choosing the right formula

As with complementary he alth contracts for humans, several formulas exist for animals. For the most basic insurance, costs are reimbursed from 50% to 80% maximum, depending on the type of treatment. They are especially useful in case of unforeseen events. The standard formulas cover most he alth costs, up to a maximum of 80%. They offer good value for money.

Premium plans offer the best coverage and can cover up to 100% of expenses up to a certain annual ceiling. It should be noted that the breed and age of the dog are decisive criteria for determining the amount of the contributions.It is important to make the right choice taking into account the needs of the animal.

Insure your dog as soon as possible

To take advantage of all the benefits of he alth insurance, you should not wait until the dog is too old to subscribe to it. Many contracts refuse to insure an animal beyond a certain age. But this only applies to the initial subscription. There is therefore every interest in insuring your dog when he is still relatively young. This is another way to prolong his life, since he will benefit from the best care from an early age.

Even if he has no he alth problems during his youth, an insured dog will always be better cared for than a dog that is not covered by insurance. Predicting is already protecting your dog.

A waiting period of up to several months also applies. During this period, no medical expenses will be reimbursed.You should also know that the amount of the contributions changes according to the state of he alth of the dog. If he is sick, old or has had an accident, the price will be much higher than for a young and he althy dog. Wanting to take out insurance when the dog declares a serious he alth problem is therefore often too late.

Contact professionals

An animal he alth insurance offers several services including being able to be put in touch with professionals. Teachers can thus obtain assistance, at any time of the day or night, as well as advice on what to do in the event of illness or accident. The professionals are also there to support the masters in their efforts, especially when the dog dies.

Although not mandatory, dog insurance is therefore strongly recommended. It is very useful to improve the he alth of the animal but also to bring peace of mind to the masters.All expenses related to he alth costs will be quickly amortized. He alth insurance protects the animal without having any impact on the owners' budget.

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