Hot weather: 4 activities to do with your dog

If humans suffer from high heat, so do dogs. Here are the activities to do with him when it's hot.

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They can be victims of heatstroke or hyperthermia. Still, a dog needs to keep moving and being stimulated, even in hot weather. And above all, an animal needs to be taken out daily. Here are 4 activities to do with your dog in case of hot weather.

A cool walk

A dog should be taken out every day, even when it's very hot. On the other hand, it is essential to adapt the walks to limit the risk of heat stroke. Outings should be made during the coolest hours of the day, i.e., early in the morning or late in the evening.It is also advisable to choose a route with shaded corners and water points. Bitumen can be dangerous for the animal because it heats up quickly and can even cause burns to the legs. If possible, opt for earthy soils. If necessary, the walking time should be shortened. These outings can be exhausting for a hot dog.

An outdoor activity

It is quite possible to carry out an outdoor activity with your dog, even when it is very hot. On the other hand, as for the walks, this one must be adapted. Excessive physical exertion should be avoided. Likewise, it is better to settle in a cool, shady place and take regular breaks. Small sessions of activity are less dangerous than a long session. The dog should be allowed to rest and recover. And above all, do not forget to take water and a bowl.The animal must be able to access fresh and soft water when it is outdoors. He must rehydrate every 15 minutes in case of physical activity.

A swim to cool off

What could be better than a swim to cool off in case of high heat? Many dogs like to bathe. However, the animal must be constantly monitored because the risk of drowning is very high. It is also necessary to choose a calm place, where there is little current and waves. For more safety, do not hesitate to equip your dog with a life jacket.

As with walks and outdoor activities, swimming should not be done during the hottest hours of the day, i.e. between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. For those who are lucky enough to have a garden, a small pool specially designed for animals can be installed.The dog is not at risk of drowning and can cool off at will. The water jet should be avoided because the animal can ingest a large quantity of water and this is dangerous.

An indoor activity

When it's really too hot, it's best to focus on indoor activities. They are less risky for the dog and help prevent heat stroke. It is often cooler indoors, especially during hot weather. To occupy your dog, it is possible to make him play quietly with a toy that distributes food. This does not require too much physical effort from the dog but remains playful and can occupy the animal for a little while.

Act quickly if necessary

Some breeds are more sensitive to heat than others. This is the case of brachycephalic dogs (with a flattened face) because they have more difficulty breathing. If symptoms of heat stroke appear (difficulty breathing, panting, convulsion, heavy salivation), you should contact a veterinarian as soon as possible.If the dog shows signs of hyperthermia, every effort should be made to lower its body temperature as quickly as possible. For this, it is possible to shower it gradually with cool (but not cold) water, wrap it in a cold towel and spray it with water.

During hot weather, it is essential to adapt the activities to do with your dog. An animal can also have heatstroke, and it becomes a life-threatening emergency.

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