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The rough hair has the particularity of not falling out when it is dead. Many dog ​​breeds have rough coats.

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Its coat protects the skin from cold and humidity, as well as from the sun. It acts as a protective shield against external natural elements, such as branches and brambles in the forest. The rough coat has the particularity of not falling out when it is dead. That is why it requires some maintenance. Many dog breeds have rough coats. Let's see which ones.

Small Dogs

1. Sealyham terrier

The long, harsh coat and the soft, dense undercoat, give the Sealyham terrier an ability to resist bad weather.The coat is white and may contain spots of brown, blue, lemon, on the head and ears. This is a recent breed dating back to the 19th century in Sealyham Manor, Wales.

He is a very pleasant dog to live with who has all the faculties to flourish within a human family. Always happy, he loves children and can play with them for hours. He is an excellent alert dog who sometimes takes his role a little too seriously, considering that there is a possible danger where there is none.

2. Parson Jack Russell Terrier

The famous Reverend Jack Russell terrier is of English origin. It is a hunting dog bred at the time to flush out the fox in its burrow. Its hair is generally hard but it can also be smooth. As for the color of her coat, it is either entirely white or predominantly white with fawn, lemon or black markings.

Of course, the Parson Jack Russell Terrier is nonetheless a dog made for living in the countryside. During walks in the forest, it is best to keep him on a leash because of his predisposition to tirelessly stalk a wild animal. Like many terriers, he is an intelligent and cunning dog, who does not always listen if he has an idea in mind. He remains a very pleasant companion to live with, with unfailing loy alty.

3. Czech Terrier

The Czech Terrier is the result of skilful genetic assays. Its designer wanted a breed with a small head to easily enter the burrows of the smallest animals in the forests of Bohemia in the Czech Republic. Its coat, long and fine, is solid and wavy. It is a dog that takes up the genetic codes of the Terrier, with its well-known stubbornness. He is a happy companion with the whole family and his congeners.

4. Lhasa Apso

The coat of the Lhasa Apso, a dog of Chinese origin and more precisely of Tibet, is long, straight, dense and hard, with an undercoat of medium density.

5. Affenpinscher

The Affenpinscher's uniformly black coat is harsh and thick. He is a happy and passionate dog who gets carried away quickly. Above all, he loves his family and children, if they behave respectfully towards him. Very effective in sounding the alarm, he is more intrepid despite his small size.

6. Cairn Terrier

The Cairn Terrier is descended from small wire-haired terriers that lived in the Scottish Highlands. Its coat is harsh and profuse while its undercoat is soft and tight. Several coat colors are allowed: cream, wheaten, red, silver gray, almost black gray and brindle in all these colors.

Despite his small size, he adapts very well to young children with sudden movements. If he remains a full-fledged terrier due to his natural independence and his strong character, he is sociable with humans in general and also with his congeners.

Medium dogs

7. Pudelpointer

Born from a cross between the Poodle and English Pointer breeds, the Pudelpointer is a terribly effective pointing dog on all terrains and even in water. His medium length hard coat is tight and lying. It is better for such a dog to live in the countryside, where he finds his balance there. Indeed he loves physical exercise, work and above all hunting game. He is easy to train, obedient and very endearing.

8. Medium Schnauzer

The Medium Schnauzer has a black or s alt-and-pepper coat, with a hard coat.Two other standards exist for this breed, to have the Miniature and Giant Schnauzer. They all have the same character characteristics: lively but not restless, courageous and devoted to their master.

The Schnauzer needs a supportive relationship because of its above-average canine intelligence. It is a dog that easily adapts to the apartment provided you give it its daily dose of sport.

9. Irish Terrier

With a plain red or straw yellow coat, the coat of the Irish Terrier is very dense and rough, ideal for hunting in corners full of brambles. This is a breed that has become quite rare, yet full of affection towards humans. On the other hand, an adequate education is necessary to give him the codes of good conduct with his congeners. Loving to live with his human family, he is playful and appreciates children.He also takes his protective role towards them very seriously.

Large Dogs

10. Otterhound

With a hard and thick coat to the point that we speak of a wire texture, the Otterhound also benefits from protection against humidity thanks to a natural oil. The coat color can be gray, sand, red, wheat, blue, lemon, beige, dark brown or two-tone. Originally bred for otter hunting in the UK, he has retained his genetics which give him an impressive capacity for endurance. He is also an excellent swimmer. A lot of space and exercises are necessary for this dog with an athletic build whose family life is not necessarily his concern. His favorite pastime is scent tracking.

11. Irish Wolfhound

Also called in French "Irish Greyhound" , this dog has a fur with an iron texture, rough and quite short. As for its color, it is gray, white, black, red, beige or brindle.

This former war and hunting dog is the largest of the greyhounds, which were bred at the time to attack the wolf. While it has an impressive size, the Irish Wolfhound is a fairly gentle and calm dog. Sociable with humans and his congeners, he adapts perfectly to family life, in a house with a garden, with relatively long walks several times a day.

12. Slovak Wirehaired Pointer

This dog is the result of skilful crossbreeding which has made it possible to obtain in Slovakia an animal suitable for all hunting grounds in all weathers. His coat, of medium length, is hard and coated, with a short and fine undercoat which disappears in summer. Its coat is said to be grey, i.e. sand shaded with brown, more or less light.

The Slovak Wirehaired Pointer is a solid and sporty dog. His intelligence and his natural docility towards humans allow him to live in harmony within a family. However, he remains the dog of a single master, for whom he is ready to do anything to please him.

13. Italian Spinone

The Italian Spinone is a very old pointing dog from Italy, used for hunting in the Alps. The breed was on the verge of extinction during World War II. But a few enthusiasts of the breed managed to create a breeding from handpicked specimens. The hair of the animal is stiff and dense, of medium length. It has the particularity of not having an undercoat. The color of her dress is plain white, or stained with chestnut, brown or orange.

Easy to live with, he likes to be in contact with his family. He is gentle with the children he particularly likes. Less lively than many other hunting dogs, it is on the other hand much more resistant to effort. He therefore prefers walks that last a while, preferably in the woods.

14. English Pointer

One of the largest dogs, the English Pointer is a well-proportioned, muscular and athletic pointer. He easily masters speed, endurance and his flair is highly developed. Its coat is short, dense, smooth, straight and shiny. The color of her dress is generally two-tone, mixing white and another color: lemon, orange, brown or black.

Such a dog needs a lot of daily exercise. He will enjoy accompanying his master who practices mountain biking, running or canicross. From the moment his energy is channeled, he turns out to be a very affectionate dog towards his family and he gets along wonderfully with children.

15. Drahthaar

Also called "German Wirehaired Pointer" , it is a recent breed (19th century). The Drahtaar is a versatile pointing dog, able to run fast and long over all types of terrain, including swamps.That is why its outer coat is harsh, coated and dense, with a tight, water-repellent undercoat. It is a protective dog that does not show aggression, but is naturally wary of strangers. On the other hand, he is affectionate and loyal to his family.

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