Why is my dog ​​hiding his toys?

Does your dog tend to hide his toys all over the house? The reasons for his behavior explained...

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A habit anchored in his instinct

Just like circling around and scratching his pillow before bed, hiding objects he considers valuable is a ritual that's ingrained in your dog's nature.

The ancestors of the domestic dog who still lived in the wild probably buried their food and bones to prevent other predators from taking them. If today it is no longer about bones, nor about the remains of prey to hide, your dog has kept this practice in his instincts and will continue to hide his toys.

His favorite places range from his basket, to your bed and sofa cushions as long as he can "dig" into sheets, plaids or blankets to hide his precious loot.All dogs can indulge in this practice, although some breeds of dogs are more prone to it, such as dogs belonging to terrier breeds for whom digging is a bit of second nature!

Certain circumstances can favor this habit, such as an accumulation of toys that your dog does not know what to do with. He will then hide the toys that do not interest him at the moment but that he might want to recover later. Hiding them is therefore a way for him to store them.

This practice can also be due to the fact that he lives with another dog or children who have the annoying habit of taking his things. By hiding his toys, your dog keeps them safe and makes it clear that he does not want to share them.

How to prevent him from hiding his toys?

If hiding his toys is completely natural for a dog, this habit can nevertheless become somewhat disturbing if you constantly find mushy and/or muddy toys in your bed or between the cushions of your pretty sofa.

So how do you get your dog to break this habit?

As a first step, you can also try limiting the number of toys left available to your dog at any given time. If you have many toys, rotate them so your dog only has access to one or two toys at a time. This may encourage him to play with the ones he has in his possession, rather than hiding them, and will help maintain his interest in his toys, which he will get tired of much less.

The other solution is to fill his basket with plaids or blankets to create a toy burial area of his own. He will be able to hide his treasures without inconveniencing you and without dirtying or risking damaging your clean sheets or your sofa. When your dog is about to hide his toys in an inappropriate place, redirect his attention by inviting him to do so in his dedicated space then reward your dog by praising him and offering him his favorite treats when he hides his things at a good place.Learning the indication "in your place" or "in your basket" can also be useful to direct him to the place where he must bury his treasures.

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