Australian Mist Cat: Characteristics and Photos

Australian Mist: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The Australian Mist or snow cat is a breed developed in...

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The Australian Mist or Snow Cat is a breed developed in Australia in 1976. It is the result of a cross between different breeds of cats, including Birmans, Abyssinians and other Australian furry cats short. Dr. Truda Straede, designer, wanted to make a cat with all the characteristics of her predecessors, but with a friendly, active and playful character.


  • Oceania
  • Australia

FIFe Rating

  • Category III

Physical Characteristics

  • Thick Tail
  • Big ears
  • End


  • Average

Average Weight

  • 3-5

Life expectancy

  • 15-18


  • Active
  • Extrovert
  • Affectionate


  • Temperate

Physical characteristics of the Australian Mist

When he is still a kitten, the Australian Mist seems to be a very robust cat, although over time his constitution is refined to compensate for his structure like that of a normal cat.The Australian Mist is a medium sized cat with short coats that avoid daily or excessive brushing during hair loss. He has a very nice and sweet face that shows off his big eyes and big ears. Its weight is around 3 to 6 kilos.

Australian Mist features different colors such as brown, gold, gray and dark colors. The coat always has small spots called the coat, characteristic of the breed.

Australian Mist Character

The Australian Mist is very tolerant and stands out for being a cat that adapts to small spaces without showing anxiety or embarrassment. It is generally a mischievous, kind and friendly cat. The Australian Mist loves the company and attention of the people around him: he is a grateful and adorable cat.

Sterilized specimens have an affinity and a better relationship with other pets, cats and dogs, a characteristic improved by licensed breeders.

Australian Mist He alth and Care

We can understand that it is not necessary to take excessive care to properly care for an Australian Mist, as they are very clean cats requiring occasional brushing. In addition to their basic utensils, we must be careful to take them to the vet at least once a year and maintain their internal and external deworming with the stipulated regularity.

Some he alth conditions that can affect Australian Mist include: urinary tract disease, eye problems and tapeworms. Nothing that cannot be detected and treated with regular visits to a veterinarian. That's why we say the Australian Mist is a very he althy specimen.

Australian Mist Pictures

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