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Golden hamster: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The golden hamster or Syrian hamster was first discovered in...

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The golden hamster or Syrian hamster was discovered for the first time in the Mashreq, more precisely in Syria. Its status in the wild is now considered threatened, as fewer and fewer colonies live in the wild. In contrast, the golden hamster is very common as a pet. Read on to learn more about this adorable and fascinating animal!


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  • Syria

Physical Appearance

The golden hamster or Syrian hamster is distinguished by its large size compared to other species of hamsters such as the Chinese hamster or the roborovski hamster. Specimens reach 17 centimeters, although males usually only reach between 13 and 15 centimeters. They can weigh between 90 and 150 grams.

Its coat is golden and can be short or long, in the second case it is also known as the Angora hamster. The color is golden, slightly darker on the back and lighter on the belly. Currently, some breeders have managed to vary the shades of the coat by genetic selection to obtain black, red, white, gray and chocolate specimens.

A curiosity are their bags called abazones, which occupy the area from the cheek to the shoulders and where they store food. Did you know ? The greatest amount of food accumulated in a golden hamster is 25 kilos, an incredible amount for its size.


Unlike other types of hamsters, the golden hamster is more shy and reserved, preferring calm to excessive play. This also applies to the relationship with other animals, as they may be aggressive or uncomfortable with other types of rodents, of the same or another species.

Despite this, the Syrian hamster is not particularly hostile towards people, as they rarely bite. Due to their size, it is clear that we can handle them without problems and without the risk of leakage. It is important that before the hamster physically interacts with us, it gets used to us. Before you put your hand inside the cage and pick him up without warning, talk to him and offer him food he likes to get you both off to a good start.


Feeding this type of hamster is very simple:

In the market you will find suitable food containing what will be the basis of their diet, that is, seeds and cereals.In addition, you should provide him with vegetables and fruits twice a week. We recommend pears, apples, broccoli or green peppers.

It is also important that the golden hamster receives a certain amount of protein which can be obtained from poultry, turkey or uns alted cheese. Water should not be lacking in his diet and should always be clean and fresh.


We will be looking for a cage of around 60 x 40 x 40, if it can be bigger the more the hamster will enjoy his new home. It must be well ventilated, have a sealed floor and secure doors and bars. These animals like to climb and that is why it is better to use cages with several floors or with stairs, which works the muscles of the golden hamster.

We will install feeders and a water fountain (like the one for rabbits for example), wheels or circuits and finally we will add a small hut or a nest for them so that they can rest.Also, you can add gravel on the ground to make it more comfortable.

Golden Hamster He alth

You must regularly clean and disinfect the cage and the elements it contains to prevent diseases. The most common that can affect your golden hamster are: pneumonia or colds which are due to drafts. We can remedy this by moving our pet to a more suitable environment. Fleas and lice, in this case we will go to a pet store and buy a pest control spray.

Heatstroke can affect our Syrian hamster on some occasions, try to bring the temperature down as quickly as possible trying not to get it wet, if you don't see rapid improvement, go to your veterinarian . Fractures and wounds are common and usually heal on their own with a little help (betadine for the wounds or a small splint for a week) but if serious you should also visit your animal clinic usual.

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