Cornish rex - Origin, Trait and Characteristics

Cornish rex or Cornish rex: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Sweet and affectionate, this is what characterizes the...

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Soft and affectionate, this is what characterizes the Cornish rex, a cat with big ears and beautiful wavy fur that has won thousands and thousands of hearts all over the world. And it's not for nothing, Cornish rex cats have many assets that make them adorable. This is why, at PlanèteAnimal, we take the time to tell you everything about the Cornish rex cat and we will tell you about its care, its most remarkable characteristics, its size and its origin. Want to know everything about him?

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  • Europe
  • United Kingdom

FIFe Rating

  • Category IV

Physical Characteristics

  • Thin tail
  • Big ears
  • End


  • Average

Average Weight

  • 3-5

Life expectancy

  • 15-18


  • Active
  • Extrovert
  • Affectionate
  • Curious


  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Short

Origin of the Cornish Rex

" Originally from Cornwall, it was in 1950 that a curious kitten was born, who was baptized Kallibunker by his guardians. This kitten was very special because he had a beautiful wavy coat. It is because of this wavy fur that the breed is called rex, sharing this name with a breed of rabbit that also has wavy fur."

The breed's popularity spread like wildfire, becoming a highly prized cat breed and reaching America in just a few short years. Its growth was such that in 1967, the breed standard was created in England, and a few years later, around 1970, the breed was recognized in the United States.

Cornish rex physical characteristics

If we focus on the characteristics of the Cornish Rex, we can say that it is a small to medium sized cat breed, with a slender and long body and a noticeably arched back .Normally, the weight of the Cornish Rex cat is between 2.5 and 4.5 kilos. Its tail is also fine and rather long, covered with wavy, even curly hair.

These felines have an elongated, triangular-shaped head with a thin jaw and a wider forehead. His eyes are oval, with a penetrating look and deep colors that match the color of his coat. On his head stand out his large triangular ears, placed high and with a wide base.

The most distinctive trait of the Cornish Rex breed is its coat, as these cats have a short, dense, wavy coat. This coat is extremely soft, with a light coat due to the absence of an undercoat. All colors are accepted by the standards, as well as the many possible patterns.

Cornish rex character

Cats of the Cornish rex breed are generally ideal companions, as they have a docile, affectionate and attentive temperament.They are also great for families with children or other animals, as they get along well with dogs and other cats. These kittens are active and very playful, so they are generally not recommended for sedentary people or those who have little time to give them the attention they need.

Due to their character, these cats do not tolerate loneliness well, so they are not a good choice if they have to spend long periods of time alone. They are also perfectly suited for indoor living, no matter the size of your home or apartment.

Cornish rex cat care

Since they have a short coat, it's easy to keep in good condition and you'll just have to brush it every week. Also, to provide the best care for your Cornish Rex cat, it is important to provide him with a he althy and balanced diet that will meet his nutritional needs.

On the other hand, it is essential to give the Cornish cat the activity and play time it needs, because, as we have said, it has an active and playful character, and can't stand loneliness at all. In this sense, the adequate enrichment of the environment is more recommended for the care of the Cornish Rex cat, but also for the rest of the breeds of cats. It is therefore important to provide scratching posts in the house, preferably of different heights, a comfortable bed, various toys, shelves with a mattress on which they can lie down, etc.

Finally, as for any other breed, it is recommended to clean and maintain its claws, ears, mouth and eyes.

Cornish rex he alth

The Cornish rex cat breed is a really he althy and robust breed, although a little prone to overweight. You should therefore not overfeed our feline companion, as overweight and obesity are potentially dangerous for him.It is also essential that they exercise, hence the importance, in addition to their active nature, not to neglect the moments when you play with him.

A peculiarity of the breed is that due to their coat they are sensitive to low temperatures, so care must be taken that our feline is not exposed to the cold, as it could catch colds or pneumonia.

Pictures of Cornish rex or Cornish rex

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