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English Springer: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. The English Springer is a breed whose origins date back to...

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The English Springer is a breed whose origins date back centuries and have remained virtually unchanged. He is very sociable and outgoing, with a robust constitution and a very docile character, which makes him an excellent companion. By nature, he is extremely agile, attentive and intelligent. His long curly-haired ears are one of his most remarkable characteristics and make him very close to the English Cocker Spaniel, with whom he shares his origins.

He is a dog that prefers to be outdoors and run in the countryside because he is very energetic, but he adapts perfectly to the city as long as he can enjoy his daily walks and exercises.If you want to know all the characteristics of the English Springer breed and how to take good care of it, continue reading this article from PlanèteAnimal in which we will tell you absolutely everything there is to know about it!

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  • Europe
  • United Kingdom

FCI Nomenclature

  • Group VIII

Physical Characteristics

  • Proportional
  • Lying
  • Short ears


  • Average


  • 45-55

Adult Weight

  • 10-25

Life expectancy

  • 12-14

Recommended physical activity

  • High


  • Balanced
  • Strong
  • Society
  • Very loyal
  • Smart
  • Active
  • Affectionate
  • Quiet
  • Docile

Ideal for

  • Children
  • House
  • Walking
  • The hunt
  • Sports

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Medium
  • Smooth
  • End
  • Bold

Origin of the English Springer

" As its name suggests (spaniel), this line of dogs originates from Spain. However, its origins date back to the 16th century in England, when its ancestors were hunting companions and used to catch prey, flush it out and make it jump from its hiding places (hence the name springer, from the English to make it jump). His former name was Norfolk Spaniel, as he was originally from Norfolk, England."

It was in the 19th century that we began to select another line, totally distinct from the English line. There are therefore currently two lines of Springer, the English and the Welsh, the English being the oldest breed of hunting dogs, which has remained pure to this day.

Characteristics of the English Springer

The English Springer is a medium-sized dog that measures about 50 cm at the withers for a weight that varies between 17 and 20 kg.It is a slender and slender dog with large and rather long legs, as well as a sturdy body, which allows it to travel long distances quickly. Its appearance has changed little since its origins, with large expressive eyes of a characteristic dark hazel color and a broad muzzle commensurate with its rounded skull. However, what is undoubtedly most remarkable about the English Springer are its long droopy ears which resemble those of the Cocker Spaniel.

The coat of the English Springer is not very long and must be straight and dense. Coarse hair is not accepted by the FCI.

English springer colors

The English Springer is white on the collar and muzzle, as well as on the legs and belly. The remainder may be liver, black, or tricolor with either of these two colors and tan markings.

English Springer Character

The English Springer is a very friendly and sociable breed, cheerful and obedient.Having been used for hunting, this dog is naturally very attentive to its surroundings. He is also very intelligent, which greatly facilitates his education if the right techniques are used. As a companion, the English Springer is excellent and enjoys spending time with members of his family, whom he protects with devotion.

Very playful, he also gets along very well with children and other dogs. Although exceptionally some are less active, most English Springers are very dynamic and active. Like many other dogs, they have an attraction to water and love to bathe.

Caring for an English Springer

The English Springer has a great need for physical exercise, whether in the form of races, games of agility or training, from an early age. Socialization is also essential, as he gets along very well with children and can become a loyal companion if they grow up together.

Due to its profuse coat, regular grooming is essential to maintain the he alth of the English Springer's coat. A little trimming may be needed around the ears and paws, and brushing should be done two or three times a week to remove mats and dead hair. Regular ear cleaning is also crucial to prevent ear infections.

English Springer Feeding

As far as diet is concerned, it is important that the English Springer consumes enough protein so that it has enough energy. Their recommended daily intake is around 350g of dry or wet food, divided into several servings throughout the day, depending on their height, weight and activity level. This breed tends to gain weight easily, so it is important to watch their food and treat intake, in order to maintain their appropriate weight of around 19-20 kg on average.Finally, the English Springer must have access to fresh water at all times to stay hydrated.

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Education of the English Springer

As we have already mentioned, the English Springer is a very intelligent and active dog, so training it can be very easy and fun if done correctly. As with all dogs, it is essential to opt for positive reinforcement and never for punishment, shouting or physical violence. As it is a very docile and obedient dog, by reinforcing its good behavior we will begin to see the results in much less time than for other dog breeds, and therefore it can be an excellent companion even for people who have never lived with a dog before.

As with all dogs, it is important to be patient and consistent when training an English Springer.Although training is generally simple, with short training sessions spread throughout the day, it should be noted that this is a dog that has a greater tendency to bark. It will therefore be necessary to pay particular attention to it if you want to avoid living with a dog who barks for anything and everything. Likewise, this attitude can develop when he is alone, as he also tends to develop separation anxiety, which can also lead to other problems such as the destruction of furniture. See our article on separation anxiety in dogs to avoid it.

If you have adopted an English Springer puppy, in addition to taking into account the aspects mentioned above in terms of education, do not forget to carry out good socialization. This is also important for adopted adults. That's why we encourage you to check out these articles:

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English Springer He alth

This breed of dog, like many others, may have conditions that are typical or common to it. For example, in many English Springers and many dog breeds with long, droopy ears, it is very common for ear infections to develop; therefore, it is very important to check your best friend's ears and ear canals. Other less common conditions are the presence of allergies and autoimmune diseases. They may also have problems with eyelashes that curl outward or inward which can cause a lot of discomfort and can be corrected with minor surgery. Cataracts can also occur in older dogs.

In good he alth, the life expectancy of the English Springer is between 10 and 15 years, which also depends on the type of life and many other factors that can develop during the life of the animal.

How to adopt an English Springer?

To adopt an English Springer, you must go to the animal shelters and associations closest to your home. If they do not currently have a dog with these characteristics, they will take your contact information to notify you of the arrival of a dog. There are also associations that are responsible for rescuing and caring for dogs of specific breeds in order to find responsible homes for them. In any case, we encourage you not to rule out the idea of adopting a mixed English Springer, because he too will be ready to give you all his love!

English Springer Dog Pictures

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