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How to choose a dog bike trailer? For which dogs is it particularly suitable? From what price do we find it?

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What is a dog bike trailer?

A dog bicycle trailer is a cart, consisting of a passenger compartment covered with a textile material, and hitched to the back of a bicycle in order to be able to transport your dog.

A bicycle trailer: for which dogs?

A bicycle trailer can be used to transport all dogs belonging to small and medium breeds by bicycle ( although there are bicycle trailers that can accommodate a dog weighing around 40 kilos) .

This accessory is particularly useful for dogs that do not have the physical capacity to follow their master by running over long distances, as is the case for example when practicing cani-vt.Its use is therefore particularly indicated for puppies until they have finished growing, older dogs prone to joint pain or dogs in convalescence.

Before using it, it will be necessary to positively and gradually accustom your dog to going there.

How to choose a dog bike trailer?

Apart from its price and design, several criteria should be taken into account when choosing a dog bike trailer:

Trailer stability

The stability of the trailer is an essential criterion to take into account when buying your dog bike trailer. As such, prefer two-wheel trailers rather than single-wheel trailers known to be less stable as well as trailers with an effective suspension system.

Comfort for your pet

If you want to be able to use your dog bike trailer, it will have to be comfortable for your companion, otherwise he will most certainly refuse to go. This notion of comfort is based on several criteria:

  • the dimensions of its cabin which must obviously be adapted to the size of your animal. He must be able to lie down or sit on it without being embarrassed,
  • the presence of shock absorbers (or the possibility of equipping the trailer with them) to absorb the bumps of the road and limit the jolts felt during the journey in tow,
  • the presence of openings and vents allowing your pet to breathe freely and observe what is happening on the way during the journey,
  • the presence of a waterproof protection against the rain to keep your dog sheltered from the weather or the wind during trips in bad weather.

The practicality of the trailer

Preferably opt for a trailer:

  • whose frame is robust but light. An aluminum frame generally offers these qualities,
  • with a passenger compartment covered in stain-resistant, water-repellent and easy-to-clean material,
  • provided with at least two openings, one at the front and one at the back to facilitate the ascent and descent of your animal on board.
  • foldable for easier storage and transport,
  • which includes a kickstand for better stability when loading or unloading the animal.

Finally, before making your choice, study the ease of coupling the trailer to the bike as well as that of inflating the tires.

There are also "2-in-1" bike trailers that turn into dog strollers, otherwise called "joggers" , by installing a removable wheel on the front.

Trailer safety equipment

When making your choice, also pay attention to the security systems that equip the bicycle trailer such as:

  • the presence of a flag holder, several catadioptric reflectors and/or reflective strips to ensure optimal visibility during night journeys,
  • the presence of an interior clip to attach your dog's leash or an interior safety leash, especially if the trailer does not close completely,
  • the presence of parking brakes.

Dog bicycle trailer: prices

The prices of a bicycle trailer vary greatly from one model to another. Prices start around 80€ to 100€.

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