Can my dog ​​eat persimmon?

Is persimmon a fruit that can be given to your dog without danger? What precautions to take and how to distribute it to your animal?

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Persimmon, a fruit to be consumed in moderation

Fruit of the persimmon tree, the persimmon is a fruit native to Asia that can be found on our stalls in winter. Its flesh, sometimes melting, sometimes crunchy, has a mild and sweet flavor that can appeal to dogs.

Persimmon also contains many valuable nutrients including:

  • fibers, which contribute to digestive comfort,
  • potassium,
  • quantity of vitamins A, C and B9,
  • polyphenols with antioxidant effect.

But persimmon is also a fruit:

  • rather high in sugars. It provides an average of 14g per 100g of fruit, mainly in the form of glucose and fructose,
  • astringent when not fully ripe for the firm-fleshed variety or when choosing an astringent-fleshed persimmon. This astringency is linked to the tannins contained in the fruit. It can be recognized by the dry feeling it causes in the mouth when you bite into the fruit. In rare cases, the tannins of the astringent persimmon can polymerize on contact with stomach acids and form very hard clumps called phytobezoars. However, the formation of these clusters only occurs in the event of very high consumption of persimmons or when there are digestive disorders.

For these last reasons, the distribution of persimmon should therefore be limited in dogs, especially if the latter already suffers from digestive disorders which tend to slow down the emptying of their stomach.

How to give khaki to your dog?

Although persimmon is a fruit whose consumption in dogs should be limited, it is not included in the list of toxic fruits for him.

However, it is preferable to give the dog the very ripe fruit, stripped of its skin and seeds, which can cause digestive obstruction if they were to be swallowed by the animal.

Before giving it to your pet, make sure that the persimmon is not astringent by tasting it.

How much persimmon to give your dog?

As persimmon is a fruit rather rich in simple sugars, it should be distributed sparingly to your pet, considering it as a treat that should not be abused. This is all the more true since the high fiber content of persimmons could also cause some digestive disorders (diarrhea, in particular) in dogs that are not used to it.

Introduce persimmon gradually and in small quantities in your dog's diet if he has never eaten it in order to test your dog's digestive tolerance to this fruit. In any case, limit yourself to 10g of persimmon per kg of body weight per day and avoid giving it to your pet every day.

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