“Talking Smack”: the new Tik Tok trend that worries!

A new trend that worries canine behavior specialists is spreading on the Tik Tok social network.

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“Talking smack” or “the art” of pretending to threaten someone

This is not the first time that social networks have relayed stupid or dangerous trends. And this time, new videos uploaded on the Chinese Tik Tok network do not rise to the level.

The new trend on Tik Tok is “Talking Smack”. Appeared a few months ago, it consists of filming yourself, on an audio tape on which you hear a fairly angry female voice, while you imitate her attitude. In doing so, the Tik Tokers approach their faces to the person they seem to threaten and make sudden gestures.Not enough to whip a cat when social network subscribers choose to vent their nerves, in a simulated way, on another human, but the trend becomes more worrying when they face their pet.

A very high risk of biting

If another human has the ability to understand that these are simulated threats, this is absolutely not the case with a dog who can misinterpret your attentions. By approaching the face so close to your pet, you have every chance of stressing it and making it extremely uncomfortable. Your dog may take your gestures and facial expression at face value and think you're actually threatening him. The risk of biting the face is then very real!

The body language of the dogs that appear on his videos betrays their discomfort and their confusion because we can observe many signals of appeasement such as a turning of the head, untimely licking of truffles, the placement of the ears behind etc.

In canine language, these signals mean "I am uncomfortable with this situation and I want it to stop immediately" . This is a peaceful way for the dog to show his discomfort and try to end it. Unfortunately, if these signals are not understood by his owner, the dog may switch to a more effective way of stopping the behavior that bothers him, such as biting!

@rainydaze9He should know better than to talk all that SCHMACK.♬ original sound - Christian McCartney

These videos are unfortunately reminiscent of many others circulating on the web and where we see young children making their dog uncomfortable in the same way. These videos are very disturbing for those who know how to decode canine behavior because they announce the imminence of bites - sometimes dramatic - which could easily be avoided if you only knew how to "listen" to your animal.

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