The benefits of having a dog at home

The dog is considered man's best friend, is highly valued for its loy alty. In addition, having a dog has many benefits.

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This animal, considered man's best friend, is highly appreciated for its loy alty, but not only. It is also an excellent pet. Having a dog at home brings many benefits.

Physical well-being

Having a dog is very good for staying in shape! Indeed, it is necessary to take him out several times a day so that he can relieve himself during his walk. It has already been shown that dog owners walk three times more than other people. Physical activity is recommended for everyone, but especially for the elderly.They are therefore forced to go out and exercise to take their pet out. A dog needs to be stimulated and played on a regular basis. So you have to stay fit and active to take care of it.

Practicing a sport with your dog is quite possible: cani-MTB, Cani-cross, agility As a result, the master spends himself physically, and this, in good company. And thanks to these activities, it is both the he alth of the dog and that of its master that is preserved.

Furthermore, the presence of a dog is beneficial since it reduces stress and depression. Having a four-legged friend reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Blood pressure drops in people who interact with a dog. And this can be explained by several reasons: taking care of a dog occupies the mind and the presence of an animal has a soothing action. Children who grow up in a home where there is a dog are less prone to anxiety disorders than others.

Mental well-being

If having a dog allows you to enjoy physical well-being, it is also ideal for mental well-being. First of all, the dog is a magnificent companion that prevents people from feeling alone. Most dogs are sociable and love company. A dog is always eager for his master to come home to spend time with him. It's an animal that helps keep your spirits up because sometimes it's the only source of companionship.

Then, a dog creates a social bond. And this is very important! Having a dog allows you to meet people during walks, but not only. According to an American study, dog owners are more likely to find love than others. We must admit that a dog is attractive and can therefore be a very good way to start a conversation. Especially for a shy person. There are even applications to organize outings between dog owners! It is also a way for the elderly to meet people, to discuss, and therefore to get away from loneliness and reduce the risk of cognitive diseases.

A benefit for diseases

A dog can be very useful for all people who have he alth problems. With their highly developed sense of smell, dogs can detect disease, such as cancer. A dog can identify a person who has lung cancer by the smell of their breath or prostate by sniffing their urine. A dog would also be able to detect breast cancer.

Don't forget the essential, dogs are great companions for people who are visually impaired or blind. For them, the dog helps them in their daily tasks but not only. Their pet is also there to ensure their safety and warn them of possible danger.

A dog helps sick people heal. It helps them physically but also mentally. The presence of a dog at home promotes healing, even for people with chronic illnesses.For patients who have a mental illness, such as dementia, the dog will lessen the effects of it. With a four-legged friend at home, depression, irritability and stress are greatly reduced. Canine therapy is also increasingly used with patients.

An ideal companion with children

The dog also brings many benefits to children. It teaches them to be responsible. For this, it must be entrusted with certain responsibilities such as feeding or brushing it. It’s perfect for teaching values to a child. The dog promotes relationships so a child who has lived with a dog will have an easier time communicating and reaching out to others.

Children who have been raised with a dog are less at risk of allergies than others. The immune system of people who are around a dog is much more developed than that of others.Dog owners go to the doctor less and take fewer medications because they react better to external aggressions.

In the end, owning a dog at home is very positive for physical and mental well-being. It keeps you in shape and extends your life. Having a dog gives its master purpose and promotes social experiences.

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