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Cutting your dog's claws is part of the routine care that you should provide to your dog. How to go about it ?

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When to cut your dog's claws?

" Cutting your dog&39;s claws is not systematic. It is necessary to cut the claws of your dog only if you consider that they are too long. This is often the case in dogs that walk little or walk on low-abrasive terrain and in whom it is necessary to perform a monthly trim. Nails that are too long can be responsible for discomfort or even pain when walking and can tear off more easily. It is considered that a dog&39;s claws are too long and should be cut when, when he lays his paw flat on the ground, they rub the ground (and make noise! The famous Tic! Tic Tic! on the parquet) or go to one side."

In all dogs, it is also necessary to regularly cut the ergot nail, in the vast majority of cases more developed on the front legs.

The right material to cut your dog's claws

Dog claws, even in small dogs, are quite thick and rigid. It is therefore necessary to use suitable equipment to cut his nails: neither your nail clippers, nor scissors but a guillotine claw cutter that you can find at a groomer, in a pet store or even sometimes at your veterinarian. The price of a nail clipper varies reasonably from 5 to 15€.

If you don't have a claw cutter, you can possibly use an electrician's pliers, for lack of anything better, but be aware that this type of pliers will cause the nail to be crushed before it is cut. If the sharp part of the nail is not touched, this crushing is not painful for the dog but it can nevertheless prove to be unpleasant for him and cause a reaction of withdrawal of his paw at the time of the cut.

When you cut your dog's nails, make sure you always have a treat nearby to reward your dog after the treatment, sterile compresses and an antiseptic that does not sting in case of a small accident .

How to cut your dog's nails?

1. Get in position

If you have a small dog, stand him up on a table or sit down and put him on your lap. If you have a larger dog, restrain him firmly against you by reaching over his back. If you can't do it on your own, get someone to help hold your dog down.

2. Locate the sharp part of the nail

With your free hand, grab your dog's paw and, if you can, locate the sharp part of the nail by releasing his nail by taking his knuckle between your thumb and index finger.The bright part is the pink part that can be seen by transparency inside the light-colored claws. It contains the blood vessels and the nerves so that you absolutely have to cut the nail below this sharp part.

Beware of black claws which are completely opaque and for which the sharp part of the nail is not visible, you will then have to place your claw cutter parallel to the axis located between the base of the pad and the tip of the nail. Before cutting, exert light pressure with the pliers on the nail. If you are on the sharp part of the nail then your dog will have the reflex to withdraw his paw. If, on the contrary, your pliers are well positioned on the inert part of the nail, your dog will have no reaction and you will then know that it is possible to cut the nail at this place.

The right method

Since his earliest childhood, get your dog used to handling his paws.Take one of his paws in your hands, touch his pads, his knuckles, his claws when you cuddle him in order to positively accustom him to the clipping of the claws. Don't forget to reward your dog with his favorite treats or with plenty of petting when he lets himself go without flinching.

3. Cut

Once your pliers are well positioned a few millimeters below the sharp part of the nail, cut the claw with a safe and quick gesture. This gesture is absolutely no more painful for the dog than when we cut our nails!

Ouch! I nicked the live part!

Don't panic. Admittedly, it is a bit impressive because the nail cut too short can bleed profusely and it is a little painful for the dog at the time, but fortunately, it is not serious. Stay calm and apply a compress of cold water to the nail, holding it until the bleeding stops.Then don't forget to disinfect it with an antiseptic that doesn't sting.

4. Reward

Once your pet's claws have been cut, don't forget to reward them with their favorite treats. And yes, these treats will allow him to associate this not very pleasant moment for him with something he appreciates and therefore be able to start the operation again.

The price for cutting your dog's nails

If despite these tips, you don't feel comfortable cutting your dog's nails on your own, know that you can also call on a professional to help you: like a veterinarian at during a consultation or to a canine groomer.

At the groomer, the rates for the service vary from one professional to another, from completely free to around ten euros. Generally, nail clipping is included in a classic grooming service.

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