Bolster dog bed by Omlet: review and test

The British brand is back with an ultra-comfortable and still 100% customizable dog bed. We tell you all about it!

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A comfortable bed above all

Providing beds that are as comfortable for the dog as they are pleasant to look at for their humans, that's Omlet's trademark.

After the Topology bed which we have already told you about on our pages, Omlet now offers the Bolster dog bed, a comfortable bedding for our four-legged friends.

The Bolster bed indeed offers incomparable comfort to your dog which will certainly convince him to abandon your sofa for his bed.

A memory foam mattress

Omlet's bed features a thick, ultra-comfortable real memory foam mattress for your dog. The density of the mattress prevents it from sagging or deforming after a few weeks of use, as is the case with the vast majority of dog beds and baskets sold on the market.

The Bolster bed is ideal for all dogs, and especially for those at risk of or already suffering from joint problems such as older dogs, very heavy or particularly athletic dogs. The memory foam of its mattress offers very good support for the back and relieves the pressure exerted on the joints of the animal when it is lying down.

A bed on legs

Another significant advantage: the Bolster bed is slightly raised. On the one hand, it allows the dog to get on and off without difficulty, whatever his age.And, on the other hand, it allows the air to circulate well under the bedding and to isolate your dog from the humidity or the freshness which could emanate from the floor of your home.

An integrated headrest

It is also equipped with a rim that allows the dog to rest his head or contain his body on the bed.

A well thought out bed

For even more comfort, Omlet also offers accessories such as an ultra-soft blanket for cold winter evenings or a cooling mattress for summer, always perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the bed.

Bolster beds can also fit inside the Fido Studio and Fido Nook indoor niches if you already have them.

Omlet design and customization

What makes the Bolster bed original is also the possibility of fully customizing it.

You can choose the color of its cover from 15 current colors and the shape and color of the feet of the bed from 9 different models. With round, square, hairpin or bar legs, the design of the Bolster bed adapts to all desires.

15 colors to choose from, something to find your happiness

Sage green and round light wooden legs were our favorite!

You can coordinate it with the style of furniture in your home and enjoy a dog bed that will go perfectly with your interior decoration.

A 100% hygienic design

All dog owners know that it is important to choose a washable bedding to guarantee your pet impeccable hygiene and avoid the formation of bad odors in your home.

Here again, the Bolster bed ticks all the boxes! The bed is fully removable with an elegantly concealed zipper and the cover is machine washable.

The mattress is also surrounded by a waterproof mattress protector which protects it from dirt, humidity or accidental pee!

Where to find the Omlet Bolster Bed?

The Bolster bed is available on the brand's online store in Small, Medium or Large versions. Do not hesitate to consult the size guide on the Omlet website to determine the model that will best suit your dog.

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