My dog ​​has a lump in his neck

What could be the causes and how to react if you discover a lump in your dog's neck while petting it?

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What are the probable causes?

There are many reasons for the presence of a "lump" in or on your dog's neck among (non-exhaustive list):

Inflamed lymph nodes

Like humans, dogs have lymph nodes. Some of these nodes are located in the dog's neck, in the front under the jaws, along the lymphatic vessels. Their role is in particular to filter waste, germs and cellular debris carried by the lymph.

It therefore happens, in the event of an infectious disease, cancer or autoimmune disease, that these lymph nodes increase in volume and become easily palpable under the skin of the dog. This is called lymphadenopathy.

The discovery of one or more swollen glands in your dog must be the subject of a consultation with the veterinarian without delay.

A cyst

A dog's neck can also be the site of the development of a follicular cyst. This is a swelling inside the skin, usually quite firm in consistency.

Most of the time, these cysts do not present any danger, although they can grow and become particularly unsightly. When they are located in the dog's neck, rubbing by the collar can nevertheless promote ruptures and inflammation, even secondary infections.

A lipoma

A lipoma is a benign fatty tissue tumor that can grow anywhere on a dog's body, including the neck!

An abscess in a dog's neck

An abscess can be another cause of a lump in your dog's neck. This is a collection of pus under the skin caused by bacterial infection.

Your dog's neck is a prone place for cat bites or scratches when your dog has played or fought with a fellow dog or cat, it is not uncommon for a small abscess to develop. 'y form.

A small infection can also occur when a foreign body such as a spikelet gets caught and enters the dog's flesh at the level of his neck.

Micro-abscesses can also form when one or more hair follicles become infected and inflamed as well as in the event of a tick bite or insect bite.

A skin tumour

The skin on your dog's neck can also be the site of the development of a benign or cancerous skin tumor.

A wart

Warts can also develop on the animal's neck. Very young animals as well as older animals are more at risk of developing it.

A nevus

A nevus is a cutaneous dysplasia which can appear as a nodule, which can evolve in size and which appears on the dog's skin.

A reaction to a vaccine injection

Following a vaccine injection, a small bulge may form in your dog's neck at the very site of the injection. This is usually a common side effect that should go away on its own fairly quickly.

However, if the "ball" does not go away after a few days or if it gets worse, take your dog to the vet. There are rare cases where a serious reaction to the vaccine may occur.

How to react when you discover a lump in your dog's neck?

The mere observation of the appearance of the mass is never enough to tell us about its nature. A "lump" discovered in your dog's neck, whether it is located under his skin or more on the surface, can have benign causes as well as more worrying ones.

Even if you should never give in to panic, it is always best to consult your veterinarian to determine the nature of this mass on your dog's neck. Only he, following a consultation and possible additional examinations, will be able to determine what it is exactly and will be able to set up a treatment adapted to the particular case of your dog.

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