My dog ​​has a lump under his eye

Have you noticed a lump forming on your dog's lower eyelid or under your eye? Here's what it could be...

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My dog has a lump under his eye: possible causes

When a dog has a lump, bump or nodule under the eye socket, it may be a dental abscess, cyst, hematoma, insect bite or a potentially cancerous tumor among many other things!

In fact, a lump under your pet's eye can be the manifestation of a minor condition or a more serious disease. Mere observation of the size, appearance or location of this "ball" does not alone allow us to define its nature.Only a veterinarian will be able to make a diagnosis following a proper consultation, sometimes accompanied by a fine needle puncture or a biopsy if the veterinarian deems it necessary.

My dog has a growth on the lower eyelid, what could it be?

If it's on your dog's lower eyelid that you observe the formation of a lump, it could be a simple wart, a dislocation of the nictitating gland, an inflammation lacrimal or ciliary glands or even an eyelid tumor.


Warts are usually hairless, bumpy with a "cauliflower" appearance and often the same color as the dog's eyelid. In young dogs, warts are usually caused by a virus, the papilloma virus, and often disappear without treatment. In older dogs, warts tend to develop without an obvious cause and grow slowly over time.

Dislocation of the nictitating gland

If a smooth red lump appears at the inner, lower corner of your pet's eye, it may be a dislocation of their nictitating gland. The exit of the gland from its anatomical lodge is at the origin of the formation of a growth which can make think of the appearance of a cherry. The treatment is surgical.

The chalazion

The chalazion is a small painless swelling that corresponds to an inflammation of a small lacrimal gland. It can be treated surgically.

The stye

The stye is a swelling of the ciliary glands. Painful for the dog, it can be treated well medically.

The eyelid tumours

Dog's eyelids can be the site of the development of several tumors such as adenoma or adenocarcinoma, histiocytoma, melanoma, mastocytoma or squamous cell carcinoma.

Although eyelid tumors in dogs are quite common, 75% of them are benign.

However, whether cancerous or benign, it is always best to consider the surgical removal of any growths that may develop on your pet's eyelids. Even benign, they can grow and come to rub the surface of the eye causing red eyes, tearing and pain in your pet. They can also cling, start to bleed and ulcerate. If your dog has a mass on the eyelid, regardless of its size and appearance, consult your veterinarian without delay!

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