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What are the most registered dog breeds in the LOF in 2021? Discover the top 20 favorite dog breeds of the French in 2021.

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Exit the Staffie, hello the Golden Retriever

Since 2018 when the Australian Shepherd took first place in the ranking of favorite French breeds from the Belgian Shepherd, he remains the dog that the French prefer in 2021. Once again on the highest step of the podium, the Australian Shepherd recorded 20,449 registrations in the French Book of Origins (LOF) in 2021, compared to 16,782 registrations in 2020. With these 3,367 additional registrations, the Australian Shepherd therefore confirms its place as leader in the hearts of the French.

The surprise of this year 2021 is in 2th place in the ranking, now occupied by the Golden Retriever which recorded 14,444 registrations last year. He thus moved from fourth place in the ranking with 10,932 registrations to second, reversing his place with the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

In 3th place, we find again the Belgian Shepherd who still has 1398 additional registrations than in 2020.

The top 20 favorite French dog breeds

  • 1er Australian Shepherd (20,449 listings)
  • 2th Golden Retriever (14,444 registrations)
  • 3ème Belgian Shepherd (13,542 registrations)
  • 4th Staffordshire Bull Terrier (13,324 entries)
  • 5th German Shepherd (10,486 entries)
  • 6th Labrador Retriever (9,086 listings)
  • 7th American Staffordshire (8,167 listings)
  • 8th Cavalier King Charles (7,644 entries)
  • 9th English Setter (6,927 listings)
  • 10th Beagle (6,613 entries)
  • 11th English Cocker Spaniel (6,604 listings)
  • 12th French Bulldog (5,911 listings)
  • 13th Brittany Spaniel (5,837 entries)
  • 14th Cane Corso (5,092 entries)
  • 15th Siberian Husky (5,087 entries)
  • 16th Chihuahua (5,042 entries)
  • 17th Dachshund (4,490 listings)
  • 18th Miniature American Shepherd (4,115 listings)
  • 19th Shih Tzu (3,817 listings)
  • 20th Yorkshire Terrier (3,732 entries)

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