7 tips to avoid stress for your dog when traveling

Sometimes a trip can be a source of anxiety for the dog. Here are 7 tips for a zen journey with your dog.

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Preparing it for departure

To prevent your dog from stressing out during the trip, you can prepare it several days before. Start by taking out his transport crate to get him used to it. Once he has tamed it, you can take a few short car trips to familiarize him with this universe. On D-Day, your dog will be much less stressed!

Give him access to a vision from the outside

Most dogs feel reassured when they are in a place where they can see through the car window. On the other hand, you must not let his head or paws pass through your car window, it's a matter of safety!

Give him some space

To travel with peace of mind, your dog must feel comfortable. The transport case will have the effect of reassuring him and above all will allow him to be very comfortable for the whole journey, without undergoing turns or sudden braking. You can also put your dog in the back attached with the seat belt or a harness.

Get your things

Your dog may feel stressed and worried about not having his things near him. For a trip that goes well, you can take his basket and his blanket to put them with him in the car. These objects will serve as landmarks.

Also remember to take some essential accessories with you: a leash, a bowl to put water, a disinfectant spray as well as cleaning products to be able to act quickly in case of unpleasant surprises. If your dog has been sick, do not punish him as this may increase his stress further.

Reassure him during the trip

To calm your dog, you must adopt a reassuring attitude. Don't stray too far from your pet, talk to him in a soft voice and pet him. If you are traveling by car, take advantage of the breaks to make him relieve himself, give him something to drink, walk him around a bit. Breaks are as important to you as they are to your dog. However, be careful not to go overboard, because if your dog feels that your attitude is not natural or usual and that you are trying too hard to reassure him, it may stress him even more.

Opting for anti-stress medication

If your dog remains stressed despite these tips, you can go to your veterinarian who will prescribe soothing pheromones or an anxiolytic. Your dog will be soothed without being completely asleep. There are soothing collars that will release pheromones during the trip.Your dog will see his stress relieved.

Avoid motion sickness

If your dog feels stressed about a long car journey, it may be because he suffers from motion sickness. If your dog is salivating a lot or seems troubled, he is probably nauseous. You will therefore have to help him fight this evil and avoid nausea and vomiting thanks to medicinal solutions prescribed by your veterinarian and by avoiding feeding him before the trip.

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