Heat wave: how to protect your dog?

If the heat wave is unpleasant for humans, it is also unpleasant for dogs. Here's how to protect it.

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And this is already the case for this month of June 2022 when record temperatures are expected. If the heat wave is unpleasant for humans, it is also unpleasant for animals. How to properly protect your dog against a heat wave?

What are the risks?

The consequences of heat stroke in a dog can be very serious. And this situation can even lead to the death of the animal. With high temperatures, your dog can fall into a coma since his respiratory rate will increase and he will run out of oxygen. In this case, the situation becomes urgent. Your faithful companion can be hospitalized, put on oxygen, perfused And it should be remembered that the care given to animals is often very expensive.It is therefore preferable to avoid them, both for the he alth of the dog and for economic reasons.

Good gestures to adopt

To prevent your dog from suffering during the heat wave, you must protect him and adopt a few good gestures. You are responsible for your animal and must therefore be vigilant. If your dog begins to show signs of pain (including increased breathing), you need to take action for his well-being.

During your walks, remember to always have something to drink for your dog. This is very important, your dog must keep a good hydration. When you are at home, try to provide your pet with a cool and airy place. You can also provide wet towels that you will have on a drying rack. If he feels the need, your dog will come and settle there. These towels will also allow you to cover your dog if you notice that he is in respiratory distress to help regulate his temperature.

When it's really too hot, don't hesitate to wet your pet. If you live in an apartment, you can use a glove that you put on your pet's head. If you are lucky enough to live in a house and your dog likes to play, you can hose your dog down with no problem. When it comes to food, you also need to adopt good gestures. Your four-legged friend must continually have access to water. Ask your pet to drink during a heat wave. And for food, favor certain moist foods such as watermelon or melon.

Situations to avoid

During a heat wave, you will have to avoid certain situations with your pet. At first, avoid going for a walk in the heat, between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. Likewise, do not make your pet do physical exertion when it is too hot.To better live the heat wave, wait for the coolest hours, that is to say in the morning and evening, to take your dog out. During these walks, try to opt for shaded areas. With high heat, the tar heats up very quickly, and can irreversibly burn your dog's paws.

Never leave your dog in your car, even for a few minutes, during a heat wave. It only takes about ten minutes for your pet to suffer from heat stroke and retain the after-effects. And in less than an hour, your dog can die. Every year, many owners find their dog in very bad shape after leaving it in their parked car.

If you take your dog to the beach, plan an umbrella to protect him from the sun. Otherwise, your pet will quickly get hot. If you notice worrying signs in your dog such as red eyes, vomiting, tremors or even a lethargic state, do not waste time and take him to the veterinary emergency room, having taken care to wrap him in wet towels.

The heat wave is very difficult to bear for men, but even more so for dogs. You must therefore take care of your pet to avoid heatstroke. By adopting a few good habits and staying vigilant, you won't have to go to the veterinary emergency room this summer.

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