Podenco Maneto - Origin, Characteristics and Care

Podenco Maneto: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Small and cunning, the Andalusian dog Podenco Maneto is distinguished by its...

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Small and cunning, the Andalusian dog Podenco Maneto stands out for its vitality and strength, two typical characteristics of a breed that was specially bred for hunting rabbits in rough terrain, but which has proven to be a perfect apartment companion. In many respects it resembles the medium-sized Podenco, but it has the particularity of having remarkably short limbs compared to the rest of the body, which does not prevent it from moving with incredible agility.

In this PlanetAnimal file, we will see together all the characteristics of the Podenco Maneto, including its temperament and all the care it requires to be happy and he althy!


  • Europe
  • Spain

Physical Characteristics

  • Muscular
  • Lying
  • Short legs
  • Short ears


  • Little


  • 15-35

Adult Weight

  • 3-10

Life expectancy

  • 12-14

Recommended physical activity

  • High


  • Strong
  • Very loyal
  • Active
  • Affectionate

Ideal for

  • The hunt
  • Sports


  • Harness

Recommended climate

  • Temperate

Hair type

  • Short
  • Smooth

Origin of Podenco Maneto

The Podenco Maneto, or simply Maneto, is a small dog originating from the Andalusian provinces of Cadiz and Malaga. He is directly descended from the medium-sized Andalusian Podenco, the main difference between the two being the length of the limbs, as the Maneto suffers from achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism that affects the size of his legs. It is not known exactly when this mutation appeared because no data predates the 20th century, making the Maneto a distinctly more modern breed than its ancestor, the medium-sized Andalusian Podenco.

The characteristic morphostructure of the Maneto has become a highly desired trait for hunters, as its sturdy body and short legs allow it to move with agility in hard-to-reach areas with very dense vegetation and where other larger dogs cannot pass. Thus, these little Podencos began to be bred independently until, finally, the Royal Canine Society of Spain (RSCE) recognized them as a separate breed from the Andalusian Podenco and developed its official standard.

Features of the Podenco Maneto

The Podenco Maneto is a strong and robust dog. It has a long (elongated) trunk, a prominent chest and considerably short legs compared to its body, which gives it a height of between 30 and 36 centimeters at the withers. Despite its particular anatomy, the Podenco Maneto is a very agile and fast breed, two essential qualities for the practice of small game hunting.

Like all the other varieties of the Andalusian Podenco, the ears of the Maneto are large, with medium insertions and triangular shapes with rounded tips. Its tail is long, curved and, at rest, it exceeds the height of the hock, almost touching the ground. Its eyes are usually oval, medium in size, and honey-colored. It has a medium length muzzle and a honey or pink colored nose. This breed of dog stands out for its extremely developed sense of smell.

Its average weight is between 8 and 11 kilos, which is why it is considered a small breed of dog.

The colors of Podenco Maneto

Maneto's coat is short and smooth, completely close to the body, and its length is the same on the trunk, head, tail and limbs, so it has no feathering.

The colors accepted by the Royal Spanish Canine Society for this breed are cinnamon (from the lightest to the darkest shade) and the two-tone cinnamon/white coat.No other coat color is recognized in the breed standard and, in fact, it is very rare to find Podenco Manetos in shades other than those mentioned above.

Character of Podenco Maneto

In terms of temperament, the Maneto is a dog with a strong character, very courageous and versatile. It is also a race that has a certain tendency to be territorial, which is why it can sometimes be suspicious or insecure towards strangers (animals or human beings). So that this dog does not have behavioral problems, it is more than recommended to start socializing it from an early age.

The Podenco Maneto is an independent dog who is also extremely loyal to his guardians with whom he is doubly intelligent. He enjoys affection and human companionship and, provided his daily needs for physical and mental stimulation are met, he can adapt perfectly to urban apartment life.

As it is a breed traditionally used for hunting, one of its main characteristics is its vitality and physical endurance. Despite its short legs, the Maneto is a very sturdy and strong dog, which is quite capable of enduring long days of stalking, chasing and retrieving rabbits and birds over steep terrain. Therefore, and you will certainly have understood this, it is not a dog suitable for sedentary people or for those who have little time for walks or hikes in the countryside.

Taking care of a Podenco Maneto

The Podenco Maneto is a very energetic breed which, in order to preserve its he alth and vitality, must absolutely have a quality diet. So, you can either feed him high-end kibble or wet food, such as homemade food or the BARF diet. Occasionally, some form of supplementation is recommended to maintain bone he alth.Finally, it is very important to properly control the amount of food consumed daily to prevent it from gaining too much weight, a he alth problem that can be particularly dangerous for dogs with achondroplasia. Fresh, clean water should always be available.

Except dermatological problem, the maintenance of his coat is quite simple. At PlanèteAnimal, we recommend that you brush it once a week to remove dirt and dead hair, especially during the moulting period. As for the bath, you can wash it every two/three months using a specific shampoo for short-haired dogs. Once the bath is finished, don't forget to dry him well to prevent his skin from getting wet.

Even if you live in a house with land and a garden, it is necessary to walk him two or three times a day to exercise him. Also, don't forget to stimulate him enough to prevent him from becoming bored and developing behavioral problems.To do this, you can, for example, allow him to play with interactive and rechargeable toys or you can also hide food in the grass or in a carpet to encourage him to use his flair.

Training and education of the Podenco Maneto

As with other breeds, it is important not to separate the Podenco Maneto from its mother and siblings until it is at least two months old. Once integrated into his new family, we will begin his socialization process by gradually exposing him to different types of stimuli (people, other animals, vehicles, noises, etc.) in order to prevent him from developing fears in the future. or nor phobias. Around this age, you can also start to teach him some basic commands such as, for example, to relieve themselves in the right place, not to bite when they play or to walk on a leash without constantly pulling.

" As your pet ages, their attention and concentration skills improve and they will learn simple or complex tricks and skills much more easily with positive reinforcement.Small frequent training sessions can be very beneficial, as they stimulate him mentally and strengthen the bond between you. For more details, do not miss the following article: How to train a puppy."

Another thing to consider when training a Podenco Maneto is that this is a dog with great hunting instincts. It is therefore normal for him to run after smaller animals such as rabbits or cats, which can complicate his coexistence with them if the emphasis on his socialization has not been worked on. In addition, and for this same reason, if we intend to let the dog loose from time to time for a walk in the countryside or in the park, it is essential to teach him well to come to the heel in order to prevent him from getting lost or having an accident.

He alth of Podenco Maneto

The Podenco Maneto is a dog that, in general, enjoys very good he alth. Its life expectancy is high and the average is between 13 and 15 years. Due to its particular morphology, you will have to watch out for the he alth of its bones and joints.

As a dog historically associated with hunting and country life, it runs the risk of contracting diseases transmitted by fleas, ticks or mosquitoes. For example, leishmaniasis is a terrible parasitic disease transmitted by an abundant mosquito in hot and humid areas. It is essential to prevent these diseases by carrying out a good deworming (internal and external), and, in the case of leishmaniasis, by vaccinating our dog once a year.

Of course, it is essential to follow the vaccination schedule established by the veterinarian and to carry out at least a complete annual check-up, especially in the case of older dogs (over seven years old), because this is the only way to quickly detect any condition.

How to adopt a Podenco Maneto?

The Maneto is not a well-known dog internationally, but it is in Andalusia, especially in the regions of Cadiz and Malaga, where this breed is very popular.However, since this dog is often used for hunting, it is also common that once the hunting season is over, some people decide to abandon it to its fate. At PlanèteAnimal, we support responsible adoption and we encourage you to contact animal shelters to adopt a dog that has been abandoned rather than buying one.

Photos of Podenco Maneto

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