Dog cat he alth insurance: 4 reasons to take out a contract

Getting your pet treated is expensive. Fortunately, dog cat he alth insurance reduces the amount of care.

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When this is the case, the bill can quickly climb because medication and examinations for cats and dogs are expensive. Fortunately, there is a solution: he alth insurance for dogs and cats. Operating on the same principle as our complementary he alth supplement, it is very useful throughout the life of the animal.

The usefulness of a mutual fund for animals

A dog cat he alth insurance has many advantages. First of all, it makes it possible to limit expenditure on veterinary care and costs. This is a real plus because many owners refuse to take their dog or cat to the vet for fear of having a large bill to pay.This is the opportunity to reduce your expenses during a consultation with the veterinarian. He alth insurance is ideal for dealing with the unexpected, for example an accident.

It also allows you to offer your animal the best possible care, including specific consultations, surgery, examinations and possibly hospitalization.

Dog cat he alth insurance is therefore a real security and is strongly recommended to all dog or cat owners.

To know: most insurance companies impose an age limit of 2 months minimum and 8 years maximum to agree to insure a dog or a cat. Another condition is essential to insure an animal: it must be identified.

Some examples of acts reimbursed by dog cat he alth insurance

Some pet owners may consider he alth insurance useless and unprofitable if their pet is never sick.However, he alth insurance for dogs and cats can really make a difference and quickly become indispensable. A simple visit to the veterinarian costs around €50; for a visit to a specialist, you will have to pay a few additional tens of euros.

Other common acts, estimated at more than a hundred euros, are covered by the mutual insurance: sterilization, castration, ultrasound Blood tests, prescription drugs, treatments anti-parasitics are also reimbursed by he alth insurance.

Finally, more targeted procedures such as dental care, chemotherapy sessions or surgeries cost several hundred euros. It is therefore preferable to have taken out dog-cat he alth insurance to deal with it.

Here are concrete examples of refunds on an 80% basis:

Routine veterinary consultationAnnual vaccinationSterilization or castrationTreatment of a the earSurgery to remove a benign tumor
Pet careCostInsurance reimbursementAmount payable by owner
€5080% (€40)10 € (deductible) + 10 € (20% remainder payable)=20 €
€8080% (€64)10 € (deductible) + 16 € (20% remainder payable)=26 €
€20080% (€160)10 € (deductible) + 40 € (20% remainder payable)=50 €
€15080% (€120)10 € (deductible) + 30 € (20% remainder payable)=40 €
€1,20080% (€960)10 € (deductible) + 240 € (20% remainder payable)=250 €

The importance of food to keep your pet he althy

The good he alth of your pet depends on a balanced diet.Industrial feed is sufficient to meet all the needs of the animal. On the other hand, it is necessary to select quality foods that will meet the specific needs of the dog or cat.

Masters also have the option of cooking meals for their pet themselves, but in this case, this must be supervised by a veterinarian. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid the risks of deficiency but also excesses.

In addition, everything given to the animal outside of meals, for example treats, must be taken into account in the diet. Since a cat eats as soon as it wants to, it is best to give it free access to food. On the other hand, this idea is not suitable for a dog because most dogs are not able to regulate themselves.

Promote animal welfare

But food is not everything, other habits are to be adopted to promote the well-being of your animal.Taking care of a dog or a cat means taking care of it on a daily basis. by taking the time to pet his animal, to play with him and to share moments of complicity.

You should also be concerned in the event of a change in behavior, check that he always has water at his disposal, protect him from parasites, in particular fleas and ticks or even vaccinate him against all common and contagious diseases that can have serious consequences on his he alth.

With this in mind, taking out he alth insurance for dogs and cats is therefore an excellent idea for all pet owners. It makes it possible to cover a large part - or even all - of the he alth costs incurred. Mutual insurance must be taken out as soon as possible because most companies refuse to insure an elderly animal.

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