The top 10 most given dog names in 2022

Everyone knows the list of the most given names. This classification does not only concern babies, it also concerns dogs.

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Dogs are also en titled to their Top 10. On the occasion of National ID Week, the I-CAD (the name of the national identification file for dogs, cats and ferrets) has unveiled the list of the most given names to dogs in France in 2022.

A legal obligation

In France, the identification of dogs, cats and ferrets has been an obligation since 2012. This allows an animal to travel abroad but above all increases the chances of finding it in the event of loss. Professionals are unanimous: identification remains the best way to protect an animal, especially in the event of theft, acts which have been on the rise in recent years.Proof of this is that in 2022, 21,628 declarations of dog loss were recorded, a number up 8% compared to 2021.

The Department of Agriculture says an identified animal has a 40% increased chance of being returned to its owner. Of the 21,628 dogs reported as lost, 13,991 have been reported as found by their owners. A figure underestimated according to the I-CAD because the latter would forget to report the reunion. Animals remain unidentified to this day, a serious error for the I-CAD which strongly encourages owners to do what is necessary thanks to the tattoo or the chip.

The most popular first names for a male in 2022

In dogs, there are few surprises for this 2022 ranking. Lucky comes first among the most given names with 34,176 dogs named as such. Then come Filou with 27,259 dogs then Oscar with 24,582 representatives. With 24.453 names given, Max comes in 4th position followed by Simba with 23,726 dogs named this way in 2022.

The most popular first names for a female in 2022

For females, the Maya name is the most popular with 53,267 identifications in 2022. This sound seems to appeal to owners since the following names, ranked in order of popularity, are Nala with 40,596 attributions, then Naya with 29,249 identifications and Nina (29,073). Only the 5th name stands out since it is Ruby. This name was given to 27,008 female dogs in 2022.

For information, in 2022, the names of purebred dogs should start with the letter T. This ranking shows that, for both females and males, owners favored other letters when their dog was not concerned.

The favorite breeds of the French

If the most given names are the subject of a classification, this is also the case for the breeds acclaimed by the owners.In 2022, the Border Collier comes first with 37,834 identifications. This breed is closely followed by Australian Shepherds (36,376) and Chihuahuas (36,241).

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