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Goldfish: find out what this animal is like, its physical characteristics, character, behavior, etc. Of Asian origin, more specifically Chinese, goldfish or...

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Of Asian origin, more precisely Chinese, the goldfish or Carassius auratus auratus belongs to the Cyprinidae family, better known under the name of cyprinidae or commonly called carp. They are hardy and very popular fish that are easy to maintain and care for. In this PlanetAnimal page we talk about goldfish although there are many different species of goldfish.

We will summarize between its physical characteristics, the aquarium it needs, the basic care, the most common diseases that can affect it or its reproduction among other particular details.Find out everything there is to know about goldfish below!


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Physical Characteristics of Goldfish

As we mentioned, there are many types of goldfish, but in this case, we're going to focus on the common goldfish which has normal eyes, a flat head, normal scales, and a single tail. It is bright orange but can sometimes appear more yellow or reddish.

The ideal aquarium for a goldfish

Goldfish is known worldwide among cold water fish, but the reality is that goldfish are very resistant fish that can withstand very different temperatures, always preferring temperate temperatures. The ideal would be to keep it in an aquarium of around 21 º C but able to withstand a minimum of 10 º C and a maximum of 32 º C.The water should have a pH of around 7 and 12 GH but can adjust slightly.

Each specimen of goldfish must have a minimum of 40 liters, which must be proportional to the number of specimens we have. The lack of space in the aquarium can make our goldfish aggressive with other fish. We will use a thick layer of gravel on the bottom, preferably limestone gravel like coral sand, although we can also use neutral gravel like silica sand. Plants and decoration will make the goldfish aquarium look great.

Finally, we will add that it is very important to have an aerator so that the goldfish do not have problems breathing inside the aquarium. In addition, we could add a filtration system that would allow us to keep the aquarium clean.

Caring for a goldfish

Goldfish do not require excessive care, but we must be very careful with their diet.Until the age of one year, we can base his diet on flakes, commercial compounds that we find on the market, but from that moment we must start preparing thick "broths" for him so that he does not suffer from problems in his swim bladder. In addition to increasing its longevity, you will enjoy beautiful and he althy fish.

As it is an omnivorous fish, we recommend mixing portions of fish or seafood (hake, tuna, mussels) with vegetables (cauliflower, spinach, basil); a variety in his diet will have a direct effect on his he alth. Learn more about goldfish care here.

The most common diseases of goldfish

Debemos take care and review a new goldfish in regular form: uncontrolled flotation, white spots on skin or rotas his obvious signs of enfermedad. In this case, you must separate a new goldfish from the demás ejemplares to avoid the contagion of a possible virus or parasite.

These diseases are usually linked to poor aquarium hygiene, poor care or poor nutrition. If you observe that your fish is sick, put it in a small hospital tank and give it good care.

Pictures of Goldfish

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