10 essential accessories when adopting a dog

To properly prepare for the arrival of your dog, certain accessories are essential. Check out the list of those to buy right away.

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The necklace

The first object is an accessory that the dog will keep on a daily basis: his collar. It must be chosen according to the size of the animal. A medal can be attached to the collar. It will include the name of the dog as well as the address or telephone number of its owner. This information will be very useful if the dog gets lost during a walk or if he runs away from your garden. They will allow you to be contacted more quickly, without having to go to a veterinarian to have your electronic identification chip read.

The harness

The harness is the essential accessory for walks. It will allow you to attach your dog on a leash in areas where loose dogs are not allowed, while preserving its walking comfort.

Unlike the collar, the harness prevents the dog from hurting his neck when he makes sudden movements. And above all, the harness makes learning to walk on a leash easier. We recommend the French brand Bandit. It offers a wide range of solid and comfortable dog harnesses. The models are of high quality and assembled by hand.

The leash

The leash is another essential accessory. It must be used during walks in all public places that require dogs to be kept on a leash. It must be chosen according to the size and strength of the dog but also the activities practiced with him. For small dogs, a retractable leash may be sufficient.On the other hand, for larger dogs, this leash is not suitable because they risk breaking it or injuring you. It will therefore be necessary to favor a more solid leash.

For handlers who wish to do cani-cross with their dog, the ideal is to invest in a belt provided for this purpose. It allows you to have your hands free.

The transport cage

For long journeys, by train or plane, for simple car journeys, the transport cage is essential. It allows you to transport your animal in complete safety. The dimensions depend on the size of the dog. For air travel, companies require dogs to be transported in a specific crate that meets different standards.

The bowls

For his meals, the dog must have two bowls: one for food and one for water. Once again, it is the size of the dog that will determine the size of the bowls.The bigger the dog, the bigger the bowl. Some are designed with a high brim, which is perfect for dogs with pendulous ears. The best is to take heavy bowls, ceramic or stainless steel, and non-slip. And above all, they must be cleaned every day. There are bowls designed for outdoor use. Lighter and sometimes foldable, they are very easy to transport and allow your dog to drink during a long walk.

The basket

A dog can't live without his basket. This accessory serves him as a bed but also as a quiet place where he can take refuge when he feels the need. It can be plastic, fabric or wicker. Above all, it must be easy to clean and comfortable for the dog. Selecting a good basket and making it comfortable avoids finding your dog on his sofa or in his bed!

The brush

To maintain his coat, the dog must be brushed regularly.Brushing allows the dog to keep a beautiful and he althy coat but also to avoid the appearance of knots. The brush will remove all the dead hair present on the dog's body. It is also a moment of relaxation for the dog who will appreciate being pampered by his master, if he is used to it as soon as possible. During brushing, the latter can take the opportunity to check the coat of his dog and check that there are no parasites or anomalies. The choice of the brush will be made according to the hair of the dog (short, hard, long, short, silky).

The tick tweezers

The spike clamp is a small essential accessory for taking care of dogs. It allows to remove the parasites which could have been invited in the dog during the walk, and this, even if the latter is correctly treated. It is very important to check your dog's coat after each outing. Indeed, ticks are responsible for some very dangerous diseases, the best known of which is that of Lyme or piroplasmosis.

The claw cutter

Taking care of your dog also means cutting his claws. There is an accessory specially designed for this: the claw cutter. Claws that are too long can cause injury to the dog when playing or scratching. In the long term, claws that are too long can also be responsible for problems placing the paw on the ground and moving properly. Be careful not to cut the claw too short, as this may cause bleeding.


Finally, to be fully fulfilled, a dog needs to play. You need several toys, of different types, some of which he can play with alone to occupy himself, in the absence of his master. The toys promote the development of the dog, but also help him to spend his energy and to spend himself mentally. The master can also offer his dog a toy that distributes food.The dog will need to understand how the toy works to enjoy its reward.

All these accessories are essential to properly prepare for the arrival of a dog at home. They are essential for his daily life, his walks, his grooming and his well-being. It is important to choose good quality accessories. Their lifespan will be extended and above all, they will avoid the risk of injury.

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